Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hello you beauties.

I know I know, long time no blogging.
But, I'm back, I'm back for good! *tries not to burst out singing take that*

Today was my birthday. I've reached the grand old age of 19. Best enjoy this last year of being a teen. Seriously though, it's crazy how fast time flies! Anyway, I also have my new iPhone. It was a nightmare not having my iPhone for that ONE whole week. This one is the 4S though, so I've been having lots of fun with Siri. It's too much fun. Another thing I'm glad to get back is instagram. I'm definitely obsessed! Just a tad. I'm rather upset though that I've lost ALL of my iTunes. None of them merged via iCloud. Even the songs I purchased aren't coming up on my iTunes account. Rather confused. So looks like its a long process of downloading them all again! How fun!!

I've had a nice birthday though. I got so much makeup. 
My family know me too well. Everything else won't be here for a few days. Awesome! Tomorrow I shall be posting about the Glossybox. 
I know I know. It's everywhere! And some make up faces coming up. Maybe a video? Empties too soon as a lot of my products are needing to be repurchased! Looking forward to Friday. 
Night out for my birthday which should be fun. 
Though this time no phones are getting lost!

Well, I've rambled on way too much!
Hope you've all had a fabulous day!

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Twitter: @beki_fleming_xo

Much love

Friday, 25 May 2012

Red and White

Dress- Topshop - Cardigan- Topshop - Shoes- Vivienne Westwood Melissa

Hey beautifuls!
Once again my blog has taken a backseat.
I've just not found the time, what with always being
out, enjoying the sun and working! But, fear not
I am back with a vengeance :)

How beautiful is this weather? I am
LOVING it. I don't tan though :( 
Incredibly sad! I just burn!

Some sad news...
I have lost my beloved iPhone 4.
Or, got it stolen.
I was out on a night out at Deansgate Locks
and the next day it was nowhere to be found :(
I wanted to cry!
Hopefully, I can get it back right away
with insurance and what not. 
It's my birthday on Wednesday too SO hopefully
something will sort it'self out!
I'm missing Instagram and all my music!!

Anyway, life isn't completely over, like
I said it's my birthday soon :) 

Hope you all have a fabulous

Much love

Monday, 21 May 2012

My week through Instagram

Yum! 5:45 and still awake, graze stuff, too much pink these days, shameless selfie, pepsimax, natural yog with fruit, coffee, my fab lolly fell apart, awake at 4.30am, typical coffee photo, company, moody, shoes, shameless pic the morning after the night before, cure my hangover plz, McDonald's at 4am, going home after 3days, awake, traffic, there was no Pepsi max :( , nailzzzz, mirror pic, lazy day selfie, outfit, coffee, ouch at my stomach- don't drink guys, going back to Jordan's, Jordan came out in her slippers...

Hey guys!
So, I never did my Instagram post last week as I wasn't home, so these are from the past two weeks. Not all that entertaining for you, I take photos of such pointless stuff, but I just love Instagram! Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend. I didn't do much Friday, but went out last night with Sophie and Jordan, and been out all day today. I'm now drinking coffee(oops!) and listening to music, Drake to be specific!

I have an outfit post lined up for tomorrow, so look out for that!
Anyway, time to cleanse! :)
Much love

Friday, 18 May 2012

Outfit Wishlist

Outfit Wishlist

Hi guys! Super sorry about the lack of posts, though it's only been a week it's felt like so much longer. The past few days have been quite crazy and I haven't really been home, so haven't had the opportunity to post! So I thought I'd post a little outfit Wishlist for you all today.

You all know how much I love pinks and corals, the girly and feminine collared tops I just adore! Paired with studded shoes and a biker jacket to toughen the sweet and innocent look up. Girly grunge is always the look I'm after. I need these jeans in my life!

Oh oh oh Michael Kors I love you, I want this watch way too much.
 Birthday gift anybody?
Topshop whimsical is being purchased next week, and of course THAT Zara bag, that is on my birthday wishlist, which I am most definitely getting!

I just love this whole look.
I want it all in my wardrobe now!
Can't stop swooning ahhhhh!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!
Cannot believe its Friday already though, how fast?! 
Days are going quick!
 I swear I always say this, but it's true!

Much love

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Old Yellow Bricks, Loves A Risk

Hey beauties!
Another outfit post this evening, this is what I wore today. The skirt and pink jumper are both from a vintage clothes fair which I got so long ago now, but I love them! Underneath the jumper is a black collared top from next (which is one of my faves!) and well of course my beloved leather biker! Paired with brogues or my Mary Jane t-bar flats, and my tan oversized bag!
The skirt looks super short but be assured, in real life it's not at all :)

Hope you've all had a fabulous Wednesday! 
It is now 3 weeks until my birthday... 
Expect the countdown, I can't help it now I've started!

I watched the series finale of New Girl earlier :( Series 2 hurry please! I love
it too much. You know, I actually love American tv shows, they're the best.

Coffee time? Yes! Always!
Much love

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Call My Name


Hey beautifuls,
just a quick outfit post for you all today, nothing too fancy!
I remember picking up this dress last summer in
Dorothy Perkins (I think!) for £5, so I had to snap
it up really. I do love it, even just paired with tights,
girly yet casual. It's also occurred to me that lately
I'm wearing much more dresses than I used to.
I used to just be a leggings kind of girl, and don't
get me wrong I still am, just loving dresses SO
much more these days!This jacket is becoming a regular
 feature in my posts. I just love it too much though, and well with
 the cold still being here, I'm most certainly not swapping
it for my denim jacket just yet!

Also featured is my favourite bag of all
time, for now anyway...
Which is my bag I got at Christmas from M&S.
They're actually fab for bags, and well even clothes.
 You know I actually love M&S!

I listened to Cheryl Cole's new song yesterday 'Call my name'
for the first time, and I love her hair SO much. I just kept
re watching the video and now, the song has become
embedded into my head. I can't stop singing it. So catchy!

22 days until my birthday!
I am just looking forward to my presents!
And, birthday money of course...

I think some new posts will feature my favourites, empties... as I LOVE
reading and even watching youtube videos on faves,
so I may do one myself for you guys!

Okay, I'm off to watch more Grey's Anatomy
(LOVE THIS SHOW!) not as much as Gossip Girl though,
which I did watch earlier, the recent episode from the US. good. Never a boring episode... but yes,
I hope you all have a fabulous evening...
and be sure to follow me on twitter if you wish :)


Much love

Sunday, 6 May 2012

My week through Instagram


Face, Graze, fave blouse, usual buys, watching Bridesmaids, 2am self photo,, making coffee, pink florals and coffee, cutest babbi ever love Blake, mirror pic, my fave, new dress, face, hangover tv, mirror outfit pic, energy drinks and magazines usual, bus journeys late at night, writing letters...

Hey beautifuls!
Hope you're all having a fab bank holiday weekend, gotta love 'em!
Today I've just chilled and had the usual lazy Sunday, 
catching up with vampire diaries and secret circle 
and drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee!

Tomorrow I think I am heading over to the fair, 
love the may day fair we have, so fun. 
I just want lots of sweets and a slushie please, 
and go on lots of rides!

What are your plans for tomorrow?
 How have you guys spent the bank holiday?

Oh, and 24 days til my birthday ;)

Much love

Friday, 4 May 2012

Elf Cosmetics and a Topshop Dress!








Hey beauties!
Just a quick post to show you what finally came in the post today.
I've never ordered from elf but were suckered in by their affordable prices (super cheap!) I intended on just buying the brow kit as I was in desperate need of a new one and thought I'd give Elf a go. My finger slipped and I ended up with three more items which I'm happy with because it's so cheap! Yeah, I bought a stippling brush. Been wanting the RT one for a whole now, and figured I'd give this one a shot first...
I used it earlier to apply my foundation (Avon ideal flawless) and it seems okay! Value for money I guess. Still wanting the RT one though...
I needed a new liquid eyeliner, well I actually needed one. I stopped wearing liquid for a while and have been using a kohl pencil, and I thought it was about time I started wearing it again.
Started looking at lipsticks. Big mistake. Wanted pretty much most of the matte ones, however just settled for this pretty coral one. It is pretty much basically just 'Coy' from Topshop.
 I do love it though!

Speaking of Topshop. This is where my dress is from. However I purchased it on eBay for £14.99 I think. Came with the Topshop label still on, retail price was £32! Definitely a good bargain. Really love it! Put it on straight away! Such a big kid with new items, trying them on/out straight away. Can't wait to wear it out with my biker jacket, and Chelsea boots or my flats. Love love love!

What are your thoughts on elf cosmetics? 
Have you ever purchased from there?

Hope you all have a
fabulous Friday beautifuls!

Much love

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Current Wishlist

Untitled #31
Hello beauties!
Got a little beauty wishlist for you today, just a few products I'm yearning for. I've put some of these on a list I've handed to my lovely Mother for my birthday, which is in 27 days ;)!

1. Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid
I think this has featured on a wishlist I've done previously. Yep, still haven't purchased it :( I do want to, just keep umming and aahing over it, you know when you're just like 'Do I Don't I?'
But, I love this, so I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go for it!

2. Shu Uemura pore clarifying cleansing oil.
After receiving a sample of this in the Harrods Glossybox I instantly fell in love with it. The way it melts your make up off so effortlessly and delicately just made me smile and like wow, I still need this in my life!

3. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze.
I've been wanting this for a good while now, after testing my friends out I thought it was just amazing and i've lusted over it ever since! Birthday money spend I think maybe?!

4. Benefit bronzer/highlighting duo.
I already have a similar one to this, but you can never have too many right?
I actually own a ridiculous amount of highlighters, but I just love how pretty the packaging is, all pink and cute! Yes, that's right buying a product just for the packaging. I'm sad!

5. Benefit the porefessional primer.
I think this has been on everyone's radar in recent weeks, and it's certainly on mine. I love primers, and this one minimizes the appearance of pores too? Even better! I'm always on the hunt for pore minimizer products and have yet to find a product that I truly love. Any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations?

6. Mac CremeBlend Blush 'So Sweet So Easy'
Love cream blushes so naturally this has to be featured on my list. And, it's mac too. I love this shade, as you know me I love my bright pinks!

7. Philosophy Purity Cleanser.
Everyone are familiar with Philosophy,I love their packaging too much and I've been desperate to try something from them, and thought maybe a cleanser would be a good starting point. Formulated to cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye make up in one step, amongst other stuff they claim to do. I like the sound of it!

8. Mac Lipstick
I am *pretty* sure this is the 'Cockney' shade... Yes?
Anyway, I love this and I want it. I'm going to get it!

9. L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney Perfume.
This is gorgeous! I love the bottle too, it's really pretty. I never buy perfume for myself, I always receive them off other people for presents! And well, it 
is my birthday coming up, presents... this please!

I am now going to get ready 
(yes, being off work makes it okay for me to be lazy ;)!) 
but first, I need a cuppa!

Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday! 
Just realised its a bank holiday weekend too, aw yay! :)

Much love

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Coup De Foudre



Dress Topshop Leggings Topshop Denim Waistcoat Primark

Good afternoon you beautiful people reading this! I can say, I am uber happy that the sun has finally decided to make a much anticipated appearance, it's always much lovelier when the weather is gorgeous! It makes wearing bright, spring and bold colours  so much easier as just feels so right. 

Just an everyday, run of the mill summertime girly
outfit today. Bright pink leggings, teamed with a floral dress, with
a belt. And, a denim waistcoat rather than my
biker jacket. Though, I'll probably swap it for my
denim jacket when I go out, as it will more
than likely get chilly later on! But, still summery!
A tan bag, and white and gold ballerina shoes as well
and I'm good to go. My outfits mostly these days are always
mismatched, clashing and well, just chaotic, but
that's synonymous with myself!!

So, I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline
earlier today and saw Glossybox were doing a 
competition with Caudalie, and you had to
tweet them your favorite French words or phrases,
and well, it got me thinking...
I just love the French language. Everything sounds
so beautiful when said in French.
My favourite phrases and quotes have to
be femme fatale, je ne regrette rien, amour-propre,
crème de la crème, and c'est la vie!
Ahhhhhh, someone take me to Paris please.
It is my birthday soon, maybe someone out
there wants to buy me a ticket haha!
Oh I can dream...

Just caught up on last nights 90210, the one aired in the US
anyway, and now got New Girl to watch yay!
So, I shall make a cuppa and do just that.
Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday, and enjoying
the nice weather.
*Please stay!*

Much love
Twitter :)