Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cracked Mosaic Nail Effect

  Hey Lovelies, hope you have all had a lovely day today, it's been fairly milder today in comparison to how it has been, I wasn't wearing shorts so definitely colder, though I'm always cold so I don't know! 
Still lovely weather though :)

So, I worked out that it's 8 weeks til my birthday. Yeah, not soon, but not far off either. It comes around so quick. The big 19 is approaching. One more year of enjoying being a teenager.
 Oh my! Anyway, on to the nails...

I ordered these from Avon a while ago, as I'm really digging (did I just say digging?! Wow!) um but yes, really digging the whole cracked/shattered/mosaic nail art effect. Looks amazing. My attempt is rubbish though! Easy to apply though. In this case, you just apply the nail polish (the pink one!) first, I put two coats on as one is definitely not enough. Then, after apply the mosaic effect top coat, and 
it just starts to work it's magic and voila...cracks!
My attempt is pretty abysmal though. Really need to try and get the hang of it. To be honest, Nail Art has always been something that I didn't dig to deep into, yes I always paint my nails, but never experimented, til now! Really loving polkadots, stripes, nailwraps. Really want some OPI polishes, WAH nail art pen, more wraps! Something I'm definitely venturing into and experimenting more!

Recommendations for nailwraps, polishes brands?
 I like nails inc but heard fab stuff about essie!

I need to make a cuppa and relax!
My abs and core are hurting so much as started working out more, 
which is fab, hurting means it's working! Operation plan to get fit!

Much love
Rebekah xoxo

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Coral Love

Really loving coral and orange at the moment, such a pretty, feminine colour and with spring in the air, (though it does feel like summer!) Coral's a fab colour to be wearing, whether it be clothes, make up or accessories!
The Topshop pleated mini shirt dress is so lovely and I need to get my hands on it! Style it with a pair of brogues or flats. Or wedges! Though, I tend to just stick to flats as I'm not a great walker in heels, I do try! Also loving the Wildfox jumper with the stars and stripes emblem, SO cute. I love jumpers. Even in the hot weather, I find myself just looking for them. So easy to wear, stick them with a pair of leggings, riding pants, maybe even pinky coral jeans if you like colour clashing !

Amazing weather once again today. I've literally done nothing today. Just, sunbathed in the garden, listening to my iPod. I've caught the sun a bit. Still pale though. Definitely going to have to invest in some fake tan. I've always just embraced my paleness however now,
I don't like it, at all!

Was invited to the Glossybox Caudalie event tonight in Covent Garden, which I would have LOVED to go, however, living in the North West & only finding out 2 days prior isn't good, as train tickets are sky high :( Sad face indeed! So wish I lived in London! I love London too much. Manchester/Cheshire is great and all, but to live in London would be just the best.

Right okay, going off on a tangent there, hope 
you're all enjoying this glorious sun!

Rebekah xoxo
(and my pale legs in the sun today!)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Update! 270312

Hey all! I've been so busy these past few days, was out all weekend, and then went into town last night and today just been out in the sun, and now I am back home! Wow! Feels so good to be home. Felt so out of touch, though been catching up on the google reader app on my phone & looking on hello cotton! :)

How amazing has the weather been though? 
Really am loving this weather. Hope it stays!
 In desperate need of a tan, I despise being pale :-(

So just a really rubbish iPhone outfit picture, 
was so hot in what I was wearing, I was wearing a 60s style 
polkadot playsuit at first, then decided to change! 
Just a mixture of Topshop & Primark, and my Vivienne Westwood's :-)

So, if you guys want to keep in touch from when 
I'm not blogging, follow me via 
Instagram 'bekixx' and/or twitter, link is 
on the left hand side!! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and all fabulous!

Rebekah xoxo

Friday, 23 March 2012

Haul & last nights outfit.

Just a little haul for you from today, courtesy of my Mum, what a babe she is! It's been such a nice day today, perfect beer garden weather, though I was definitely in my element, shopping! Spring sales are here, and purchased two skirts from M&S in the limited edition collection. (the pleated mini and striped pencil skirt) Then went to outfit, and got the burgundy pencil skirt from miss Selfridge, a few bandeau tops, 'boys' top and pink top with pocket. All Miss Selfridge in Outfit. 
Also picked up the ring from the Topshop jewellery 
collection,had to have it really! Super cute.
Also running low on cleansers, so just chose this before I 
will allow myself to buy Shu Umeura!

Cannot wait to wear one of these new skirts tomorrow night. I'm thinking the burgundy pencil skirt, with my pastel pink bralet and my grey blazer and wedges! Taking of blazers, I wore it last night to my aunties, it was her birthday so went round for a few drinks. 
Just a simple outfit,
 with the leggings taking centre stage!

Undecided on whether I'm going out tomorrow night, you know when buoy just can't make your mind up? Though I think I will now, showcase my new outfit, and drink Malibu and coke and have fun!

Hope you all have a fab Friday night beauts!
Rebekah xoxo

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hello Spring

Hey beauties, just a quick post today.
I forgot all about this Topshop blazer. I'm always doing this, buy stuff and they get lost/not worn and then I re discover it with no recollection of purchasing it! Oops! My top is from Topshop too, and leggings are River Island, I think!My camera isn't charged so sorry for rubbish iPhone quality. (my camera hates me!)

I met up with Jordan last night and just drove around for a bit, catching up, then stayed at hers. Waited Til 1am to watch the Pretty Little Liars season finale, as it was A day! I love the show. Disappointed with the finale though! Hurry up June 5th for Season 3!! Anyone else watch it? I love Aria, well Lucy Hale in general, she's so pretty!

I used some of Jordan's make up. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and the Chanel loose powder. It's amazing. Now, well I still am stuck and confused what foundation to purchase! Hmm! Decisions decisions. I now have around 6 to choose from.

Oh and my Crest 3D whitening strips came today as well :) 
so popular on the blogger world, as it's where I heard about them.

Can't wait for the clocks to go forward at the weekend! 
Spring is here. I love this time of year!

Hope you all have a fab night!
Rebekah xoxo

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week in photos #2

1. Receiving my Harrods Glossybox on Monday 2. My contents :)

3. Lips  4. Rediscovering my Lancôme juicy the lipgloss.

5. Luv ya Quorn. 6. Energy drinks at like 1am in bed. Bad idea.
7. Sandwich :) 8. ~posing~

9. Making cards 10. Rubbish card l o l

11. SNL 12. Sweeties!

13. En route to appointments taking pics of fields...
14. Costa Gingerbread Latte!

15. Bits & bobs. 16. Pepsi Max, my fave.

17. Trying out the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I love it. And now I want to purchase it!
18. Nana's cards
19. Cute card. I want it.
20. Me. No more blonde!

I've had a pretty average week really, finally got rid of the blonde from my hair and had a few appointments to attend to and just a general normal week really. This week should be good going to Yogberries with Dani, another appointment and then more than likely end up buying stuff I don't need from Boots! I really do need to buy some bits and bobs though, skincare and makeup. Forever wanting too much stuff!

Anyway, hope you've all had a lovely mothers day :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Current Beauty Wishlist.

Untitled #27

Hey all! Happy Paddys day to all you beautifuls!
Instead of being out sipping on double Malibu and getting incredibly intoxicated, I'm staying in and going to relax and watch Grey's Anatomy with a brew! I'm *supposed* to be saving my money anyway! So, whilst I do that here's what I'm currently lusting over!

- MAC Viva Glam Nicki. Oh how I have wanted this

 for a long time now!
-Topshop 'Crystal' Lipstick. From their new Sisters of the New Moon collection. Such a pretty colour and so unique. Also, really love the packaging too!
- Estée Lauder BB cream and Invisible Fluid
(I love invisible fluid. I neeeed!)
- Benefit 'Hervana' blush. This is flying around everywhere. It looks fab on everyone who I know who has it. Must have.
- Nars 'Turkish Delight' Lipgloss and Nars Illuminator.
- Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara. After trying the
 sample size of this from Glossybox I'm definitely 
purchasing it now. I love it.
- Steamcream 3 in 1 Moisturizer. How cute is the floral print tin? I love moisturisers, who doesn't? But to love this even
 more with the packaging!
- OPI 'Rainbow Connection'
- Jimmy Choo perfume. Oh my. Tried and tested this and now I want the full bottle. The most amazing scent.
- Clarins 'Gentle Foaming Cleanser'
Love Clarins, easily my fave skincare brand and I'm running out if cleanser and need some more!

Hope everyone is having a fab night.
Think I'm going to have a brew and watch some Grey's Anatomy.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

What's inside my handbag?

I've seen these style of posts whizzing around across the blogger community, and I do love these types of posts, who doesn't like to be nosey? So, I thought okay I'll do one myself! Granted mine is not that interesting but oh well, here we are! The bag itself I 
got for Christmas from M&S. I love it. 
One of my favourite bags! The heart keyring I got from a 
perfume/body care gift set. I love tan coloured bags!

Anyway, the contents inside.

- Two perfumes which I don't use. Actually I use the one on the left, is from Avon but not the other one, it's from a Sex and the city gift set which I received and the smell is too musky and I don't know, feels all oldy worldly.
- Headband. Forever losing them
- Two hand products. Dr Bronner lavender sanitizer that I got in a Glossybox. And, a L'occitane hand cream.
- Make up bag.
- Passport and bits of paper.
You never know when you might need your passport haha.
- My iPhone and the cute kitty phone cover! Headphones
- My purse. Bursting. Not with money though.
- Lancôme Juicy tubes and Vaseline.
Handbag essential!
- Cath Kidston note book and pen!
And, normally there would be a Pepsi Max in there! 
Haven't had one today though! So there's my boring bag.

Except for this. My purse is full of my train tickets. This is just a few of them. I honestly have no idea why I don't chuck them away. It's a weird thing. 

I was up all night watching Saturday Night Live episodes. Consuming too much caffeine as usual, up Til silly o'clock. Like, 7 am!!!! I love SNL though. So funny! And when it's late/early and I'm trying not to laugh and howl it's quite hard not to!

Hope everyone's had a fab Thursday!

Rebekah xoxo

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

So I bought this last week on a whim, when I purchased the 
Vo5 miracle oil! This is my first BB cream I've bought- after all the hype and the trend amongst bloggers! I was so undecided on which cream is best for me, which is why I just picked this one up at Tesco, for £8.99 I think! And the beauty aisle isn't all that great in Tesco! I couldn't find any other BB creams bar this one! Was searching for the Garnier one at first, as that's the one I've heard lots about. But, no luck, hence this!I picked it up in the Medium
 skin tone shade. However slightly thinking maybe
 I should have gone for Fair!This particular cream helps to recreate the texture and glow of perfect nudelooking skin. As well as as being a feather light hydrator which transforms on the skin releasing smart pigmentation capsules that claims to correct skin tone, cover imperfections and refine skin texture! Wow. It also promises 24 hour hydration and SPF 12. 

My thoughts when I first used it were mixed. I wasn't expecting the 
actual cream to be white with purple pearls, I expected a nude cream! Silly me!In my opinion it's too runny. And it's really quite orangey. Maybe it's because I went for the medium tone?Obviously it transforms on skin but for me, it's not right for me. I kept it on and put on my usual make up and well I felt it made my face look too pinky/orange. As for coverage, non existent! My imperfections were still very visible! I wanted to be able to wear this alone with a bit of blush, but sadly no I can't! I honestly really wanted to like this product.

I really want to try/ find some more that will suit me! I'm thinking about trying out the Estée Lauder one as 
I find their products really suit my skin.
What BB creams do you recommend if you use them?
 Please send me recommendations!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Glossybox March Harrods Edition

So here it is the Harrods Glossybox! Of course, a lot of boxes vary from each person, and I think after much hype and excitement from the previews, a lot of people expected the Burberry lippy( me included!) and the YSL youth serum! Though, I'm not that bothered, at the end of the day each box is different and beauty boxes are a lucky dip, and I am happy with this box! Though a Burberry lippy would be fab ;)

So in upkeep with the Harrods edition, the box is a White with the Harrods logo implemented on the front. Very clean cut! I like it! Though, nothing beats the bright pink Valentines edition box!

Okay, so what's in my box?
1. Valentino 'Valentina' perfume sample!
 Oh the much dreaded perfume sample! I do love this smell though, such a floral and feminine fragrance! I used to be obsessed with Valentino fragrances when I was around 13, and always waking into Hoopers after school and getting free samples! This sample though, it's nice and I guess you can just pop it in your hand bag! Would I buy a full bottle? Maybe! I'm not in any rush to, but I like it, do something to add to my wish list for sure!

2. Molton Brown - Vitalising Vitamin AB & C Bath and Shower.
Now I must admit, receiving bath and shower gels really bore me! I've tried Molton Brown hand lotions and such, so I will try this out in my bath! It's vitamin rich, and as said on the bottle 'softens, 
tones & strengthens the skin and boosts the senses with vitality'
Hmmm.I wouldn't buy it normally so it's definitely worth a try!

3. SK-II Skin Signature
A small red tub, it's a cute tub actually! This is an anti-ageing moisturising cream, helps to re-condition the skin, improve its resilience and leaves your complexion smooth and radiant! This is to be added after cleansing! Okay so, do I really need a anti-ageing cream? I'm 2 months away from 19! I think not! I know people say its better to protect your skin now with anti ageing products but I personally don't think I need this, far too young! So, I'm going to give this to my Mum, part of mothers day!

4. Lancôme - Hypnose Drama Mascara.
Ah you don't know how happy I am this is here! This has been on my wish list for a while, so I can finally give it a whirl! This is the full body volume mascara! With Lancôme recreating the brush with a curvaceous brush which creates dramatic fuller and thicket looking lashes! Yay! Can't wait to try this out!

5. Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream
I love Clarins! So this is a lift and toning product for firmer and a younger looking body! The formula is rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts! Hm! I will use this! I used to always use lift and toning creams but then just well, stopped! I shall definitely try this out!

5. Shu Uemura - Cleansing Beauty Oil.
Ahhhh, Shu Uemera! Granted its only a sample sachet, but still it's handy to try before you spend and buy it! This is a 3 in 1 'Award winning' cleanser! Promises to leave skin soft, balanced and non-oily! I cannot wait to try this out tonight! Love finding new skincare products! Especially cleansers, and Shu Uemura is a brand I lust over (among many others!) so I'm rather looking forward to testing this!

And there we are!
Final thoughts?
I'm happy with my box!
Fellow subscribers, are you happy with your box?

Much love