Monday, 21 May 2012

My week through Instagram

Yum! 5:45 and still awake, graze stuff, too much pink these days, shameless selfie, pepsimax, natural yog with fruit, coffee, my fab lolly fell apart, awake at 4.30am, typical coffee photo, company, moody, shoes, shameless pic the morning after the night before, cure my hangover plz, McDonald's at 4am, going home after 3days, awake, traffic, there was no Pepsi max :( , nailzzzz, mirror pic, lazy day selfie, outfit, coffee, ouch at my stomach- don't drink guys, going back to Jordan's, Jordan came out in her slippers...

Hey guys!
So, I never did my Instagram post last week as I wasn't home, so these are from the past two weeks. Not all that entertaining for you, I take photos of such pointless stuff, but I just love Instagram! Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend. I didn't do much Friday, but went out last night with Sophie and Jordan, and been out all day today. I'm now drinking coffee(oops!) and listening to music, Drake to be specific!

I have an outfit post lined up for tomorrow, so look out for that!
Anyway, time to cleanse! :)
Much love

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