Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hello you beauties.

I know I know, long time no blogging.
But, I'm back, I'm back for good! *tries not to burst out singing take that*

Today was my birthday. I've reached the grand old age of 19. Best enjoy this last year of being a teen. Seriously though, it's crazy how fast time flies! Anyway, I also have my new iPhone. It was a nightmare not having my iPhone for that ONE whole week. This one is the 4S though, so I've been having lots of fun with Siri. It's too much fun. Another thing I'm glad to get back is instagram. I'm definitely obsessed! Just a tad. I'm rather upset though that I've lost ALL of my iTunes. None of them merged via iCloud. Even the songs I purchased aren't coming up on my iTunes account. Rather confused. So looks like its a long process of downloading them all again! How fun!!

I've had a nice birthday though. I got so much makeup. 
My family know me too well. Everything else won't be here for a few days. Awesome! Tomorrow I shall be posting about the Glossybox. 
I know I know. It's everywhere! And some make up faces coming up. Maybe a video? Empties too soon as a lot of my products are needing to be repurchased! Looking forward to Friday. 
Night out for my birthday which should be fun. 
Though this time no phones are getting lost!

Well, I've rambled on way too much!
Hope you've all had a fabulous day!

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Twitter: @beki_fleming_xo

Much love

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