Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Call My Name


Hey beautifuls,
just a quick outfit post for you all today, nothing too fancy!
I remember picking up this dress last summer in
Dorothy Perkins (I think!) for £5, so I had to snap
it up really. I do love it, even just paired with tights,
girly yet casual. It's also occurred to me that lately
I'm wearing much more dresses than I used to.
I used to just be a leggings kind of girl, and don't
get me wrong I still am, just loving dresses SO
much more these days!This jacket is becoming a regular
 feature in my posts. I just love it too much though, and well with
 the cold still being here, I'm most certainly not swapping
it for my denim jacket just yet!

Also featured is my favourite bag of all
time, for now anyway...
Which is my bag I got at Christmas from M&S.
They're actually fab for bags, and well even clothes.
 You know I actually love M&S!

I listened to Cheryl Cole's new song yesterday 'Call my name'
for the first time, and I love her hair SO much. I just kept
re watching the video and now, the song has become
embedded into my head. I can't stop singing it. So catchy!

22 days until my birthday!
I am just looking forward to my presents!
And, birthday money of course...

I think some new posts will feature my favourites, empties... as I LOVE
reading and even watching youtube videos on faves,
so I may do one myself for you guys!

Okay, I'm off to watch more Grey's Anatomy
(LOVE THIS SHOW!) not as much as Gossip Girl though,
which I did watch earlier, the recent episode from the US.
Ahhhh...so good. Never a boring episode... but yes,
I hope you all have a fabulous evening...
and be sure to follow me on twitter if you wish :)


Much love

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