Saturday, 22 September 2012

sigma | beauty expert brow design

SIGMA brow-design
sigma brow design

I won the wonderful Sammi's giveaway over on her blog Beauty Crush. I was well happy, as anything with brows I LOVE, and this amazing brow design kit is just wow! Also, I never really win giveaways, and out of over 2000 entries, that's pretty impressive! Sammi has an amazing blog too, so if you've
 never checked her out, or her YT videos, you really should! 
 I've always lusted over Sigma make up brushes, and have had my eye on the flat top kabuki brush that they do, as well as their whole range.

The brow kit comes with tools, such as scissors, tweezers (which are great!) eyebrow stencils, sharperner, and an angled eyebrow brush with a brow groomer on the end. Now, getting on to the best bits, there are two double ended pencils. The first one being a highlighting pencil, with the lighter end being a matte highlighter, and the gold darker shade being a shimmery finish.
I personally prefer the lighter matte shade myself, though I can imagine the shimmery end being really pretty on nights out. I also, used the matte shade on my face as well. It's actually really good.
The second pencil is the actual brow pencil, with a medium and dark shade, my shade being dark. It's such a lovely texture and so easy to apply on to the brows! I use this alongside using the five brow shades in the box. I use a mix between 'Natasha' and 'Valentina', and then lastly I use the brow gel, I usually use the tinted one.

Rubbish quality iPhone pic of myself after a long day of using the brow kit, but I definitely recommend it, it's SO good. And, I definitely would fork out for this, though I think before it does run out, I will look for cheaper ones!

Have you tried this? Do you know any alternatives?
Much Love

haul | recent make up buys

nails decadence

OH LOOK ANOTHER AVON HAUL!! Wait, no there's one Rimmel product, but still, oops. To be honest though, I couldn't not pick these items up because it was SUPER cheap and well I couldn't leave it there really. I ordered these all from the Avon Rep Brochure off my nana, where they get all the new products and offers, so everything was cheaper than introductory prices. It definitely would have been incredibly stupid of me to leave them. That's what I'm telling myself anyway! 6 mascaras for £12 though WOW. Especially when the RRP of them singular are £10. So yeah, definitely worth it!

Avon Mascaras are really good, especially the Supershock Max one and Spectralash. 
I haven't tried the other four, but definitely looking forward to.I have enough mascaras to last me a while now, along with all my others one in my make up storage. They are really something I seem to harbor and not stop buying, even when I have a perfectly new one at home.

I also got four eyeshadows, three of which are duo and one being a singular shade. I've already used the 'Sweet Temptation' shade. Yeah, they're okay. Nothing special. I just got them because they were really cheap. They're not densely pigmented at all, and you definitely have to keep building up the colour with your eyeshadow brush, but they're cute and good for even just a little bit of colour on the lids.

I needed some more pressed powder and Rimmel's Stay Matte is a definite favourite of mine, so restocked up. You can't really go wrong with this product, does what it says and I love it. Back to Avon, I purchased a nude blusher aptly named 'Cheeky' which again, bought because of the price. I wouldn't say it's a blusher I'd use everyday, or rush to use, but it's handy to have, and it does give you a subtle pinky nude colour to the cheeks. Great for simple and effortless looks! Ahhhh this foundation. I still have another new box of this unopenend, but I seriously LOVE this. I think I've gone through a few bottles in the past few months, but it's just great, and will always repurchase. Though, I think my skin may be getting used to it now, so I'm thinking about mixing it up soon!

Lastly, a nail varnish, a midnight purple shade called 'Decadence' Perfect winter colour. I love this. I put it on straight away. Two coats of this and my nails are super shiny and a lovely purple shade.

What do you think of these products? Ever tried any?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
I am currently SO tired from work and college, 
early mornings are definitely not my best friend at the moment. 
I cannot handle them!
Much Love

Monday, 17 September 2012

avon | supershock eyeshadow pencil


avon supershock2


You guys should all know by now how much I love Avon, so of course here today is a product from Avon. I've said before, some of their products is hit and miss, but they really do have some great stuff, like today's featured product.

It is a dual eyeshadow pencil, with the light shimmery sparkly shade Moonshine and the darker shade Starry Night, which has a subtle shimmer to it. I really love this eyeshadow pencil. It's so creamy and SO easy to blend, it just glides on to the eye lids effortlessly. When applying this I usually use the pencil and just put Moonshine all over the lid and then take a blending brush and blend, then I add Starry Night in the crease, and blend some more. It's so good for creating a shimmery smokey eye. The Moonshine shade also is perfect for highlighting your eyes too.

If you're someone who love to create smokey eyes but struggle, I definitely think this is such a good product for that, it makes it so simple.The simplicity of this wonderful product is what I love, the colours just go together and really bring out your eyes. I love the shimmery finish. Perfect for an evening out! And, if you're out all night even better because the lasting power is SO good. I went out, and it hadn't even budged. Was well happy!

I have found myself reaching for this pencil quite often recently, so I can definitely tell I love it. I've had it for ages too, and then you rediscover a product and it's like wow I've been missing out! It's still available online here.

What do you think of this? Is it something you'd be interested in?
Know any alternatives to something like this?

Much Love

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

happy days | little catch up

It's late I'm drinking coffee, that's a bad combination right there,
but that's just me down to a T. Forever drinking coffee, or any caffeinated 
drink and staying up way too late, and then complaining the next day!

As much as this sounds incredibly cheesy, but life at the moment is amazing I am actually so happy at the moment. Definitely feel the best I have ever felt in a long, long time. Even to just say I'm content is a massive understatement. Everything is just falling into place, things are shifting, amazing opportunities are arising. I've grown so much, and I for one never thought I'd be at this level of happiness in my life. I know I know, sounds so unbelievably cheesy beyond belief, and this has never been me, but I thought you know what, I'm gonna tell you all...

I started my Media Make Up course last week, oh it's so exciting! Of course I was so nervous, but all the excitement rules out the nervousness. Everyone is so incredibly lovely and I've made a bunch of new friends. I just cannot wait to get stuck in now, get my kit and build it up, all the photoshoots and charity fashion shows we are covering, building up my portfolio, creating different looks. I'm also so excited for the trip to Beauty Professional at the ExCel in London in February for 2 nights that we are going on. Exciting stuff. Just looking forward to the future and to where this is going to lead me.
I also got the job I applied for in the Topshop section of Outfit. Ah...clothes and shoe heaven! I started the other day and was eyeing everything up, thinking of the discount. OH I CAN'T WAIT.

Posts coming up on my blog soon include inspired outfit posts, the usual beauty and skincare stuff! I want to try and get more outfit posts in too, so watch out for those, also music I'm thinking of making a separate music blog, though still undecided. We shall see! I'm also blogging over at Bowler Blog which is a 'blogazine' featuring beauty, nails, outfit inspirations, celeb inspired posts. There's a whole team of us, I'm part of the beauty section. You should definitely check it out!

Bit of a jumbled post for you today,
 just thought a nice chat would be lovely, hope you're all okay!
 Do tell me what you would like to see more of!!

Much Love
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Monday, 10 September 2012

oskia skincare london | what's in my handbag





For those who haven't heard of WIMH, it's a platform where it allows you to take a sneak peak into others handbags such a fashion, beauty and creative insiders, because who doesn't love to see the beauty essentials others carry around with them on a daily basis?! You can also upload your own handbag contents! Alongside this, you can create your account an request trys of products that are featured in peoples bags! Letting you discover the beauty products everybody loves, and trying sample sizes. It's a great way to share and discover beauty products, whether they are a cult product or something you've never heard of it. 

I've had various different samples from the requests I tried, such as Loreal mythic oil, percy and reed dry conditioner and bare minerals foundation and a mini kabuki brush. I think it's a great way to trial and test new products that you wouldn't normally try, or have the chance to! Especially fab because it's free. 

This weeks try was the OSKIA London Renaissance Mask, which has won 5 awards.OSKIA is a British high performance luxury skincare brand. The name is derived from the ancient English for 'delivering nutrients' and 'beauty'.With key actives such MSM, Passionfruit AHA's, Papaya Enzymes, Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes, Ribose. Best Anti-Ageing Mask - Celebs on Sunday Beauty Awards 2011; Best New Product - UK Beauty Awards 2011, Best Mask - Red Magazine; Top Beauty Find of 2010 - The Beauty Shortlist. This sample is 15ml, which as you can see from the photo's is a generous amount. Full size is 50ml at £48.50. Pricey indeed. I do love the packaging too, very luxurious, and definitely something that would look great on your dressing table I think.

The mask is a Nutri-Active Brightening and Resurfacing Mask, which is designed to increase cell turnover, boost radiance and packed with OSKIA’s trademark blend of beauty-boosting nutrients, as well as being deep cleansing, reducing pore size, blockages and spot formation and reducing the appearance of fine lines, imperfections and refines the complexion, as well as a vast array of other benefits it says on their website.

The product is a light pink colour at first, however turns white when massaged into the skin, the smell is just delightful, delicious even. You should apply to cleansed skin and leave for 10-20 minutes, before washing off, where your skin will feel SO much smoother. Trust me, it does.

Does this sound like something you would like to try?
Or, maybe you know some cheaper alternatives?

Much Love

my hair history

I've seen this post circulate around different blogs for a while now and have been keen to do my own, though I know I'll end up depressing myself by looking at my old beautiful long locks and equally embarassing hair photo's. I'm 19 now and I have been dying and getting my hair coloured since I started high school. I remember going into Superdrug or Boots after school or on weekends and buying those Wella hair sachets, does anybody remember those? Only wash in wash out, but they were SO much fun! Or those coloured hair sprays too, used to buy them all the time when I was about 11 or 12. 

Up til I was about 5 or 6 my hair was a dirty blonde colour, 
and then it naturally just grew out and was a mousey brown colour. 
I'm on the left of this picture, and I think I was about 4 so as you can see my hair is quite blondeish and this was how it was til I was about 6, where it eventually grew out to this...

I would have much prefered my hair to stay the blonde shade! My hair stayed this brown til I eventually started to dye my hair. In between, I've had various different cuts, growing up it was always really long, though sometimes it did go into a bob. Oh how I hated having a bob, and a full fringe. Ugh.

My hair til I was about 14 was brown, long and pretty manageable like this...

And, then I decided to go blonde for the first time...
This has to be one of the MOST embarassing and cringey photo of me EVER.
Seriously what on earth was I thinking?! As you can see, the blonde didn't take. I stayed a gingery colour for quite a while, til I went back dark...

The colour above is actually black and oh my god, it was horrible. It washed me out SO much. I hated it. I didn't stay black for long til I went back to my natural colour...

I stayed with this colour for quite a while, and then I added a bit of purple in, though it's not really easy to see...

A year later I decided to go blonde again. OH GOD.
But I actually loved this blonde, I wanted to stay blonde for ever.

But, unfortunately for me, I got a part time job in a hairdressers
and they weren't keen on my blonde brassy hair, so they did it for me...

I started wearing extensions because my hair was short at this time, due to so much damage from bleach, and having it cut. I then decided to go darker...

I stopped wearing my extentions, and put purple in my hair again...

A few months later I put blonde BACK into my hair...

I had the blonde in my hair for a few months, and now I've been brown again since, and it's growing again! YAY. Seriously, don't dye your hair, it'll ruin it.

I now wear it up a lot in top buns!

Lastly, my natural curlyness and it's growing. YAY.

Such an embarrassing post, and I've missed out SO many hairstyles etc, but thought I'd share myself the cringeyness I'd endure! I just want my hair to hurry up and grow now and go back to being long, it's so sad, I miss it! My hair feels so much healthier as well too at the moment, since using the Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo and conditioner. Ah long hair, I WANT YOU!

Do you have any embarrassing hair histories?
 Link them below if you do, I love reading them! 

Much Love

Sunday, 9 September 2012

karmaloop | wishlist

I first heard about Karmaloop when a friend of mine was talking about it, and told me how she made wishlists of items of clothing she was lusting over, so I decided to take a look on the site. Bad idea because now I want everything.
Karmaloop for those who are unaware is basically an online store of streetwear  and urban fashion from different brands such as Cheap Monday, Crooks and Castles, Diamond Supply, JunkFood and much more, as well as selling various different brands of footwear, and mens clothing and accessories.
The only thing that puts me off is the shipping, as it costs $13.43 for delivery to the UK, which is about £8, it's not that much but is still a silly amount.
But, then again if I really wanted something I would most likely buy it! They also offer free shipping though if you spend over $100 which is around £60.

These are just a few of my favourite clothing items from there and I want them all. My style is pretty mismatched, some days a tee and jeans girl, other days a skirt and a collared tee, and dresses with chelsea boots. I love
the two tees I've picked, the first being a lyric from the Mercy track by Kanye West, which I also love, and can definitely see my self wearing this with a denim shirt and black jeans. The second would look great combined the same, or with shorts like it's pictured.

The two dresses are SO pretty and almost identical with the same colours. The first one is perfect for nights out, whilst the second is suited for day wear as well as dressing it up with heels or wedges.
A spotty peter pan collared blouse, ah the love of my life. I love these types of blouses, have a ridiculous amount of peter pan collared tops in my wardrobe, and It's definitely an essential and a staple in my clothes.

You can't really have enough coloured and different printed types of jeans though really can you? So pretty, and easy to wear! The last item I chose, was a blouse which I love and is perfect with a black skater skirt for a simple chic look. I just love.

I definitely need to order some of these stuff I've chosen! 
I actually need them in my life! 
Have you ever looked on Karmaloop? 
What would you choose from the stuff I've chosen above?

Much Love

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

lee stafford | sun kissed lightening spray

lee stafford

Hey lovelies! I picked this up about 2 weeks ago, after seeing a few people post about it, and lighter hair is definitely up my street. I've had various different hair colours, black, purple, red, bright blonde, ombre, you name it I've had it. I've stayed my current colour for near enough 8 months now, which is unusual for me, as I love to mix it up and change my hair. However, I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to keep on damaging my hair, until I saw this and knew I had to get it. It's £7.99, but I got it when there was 3 for  £12 on Lee Stafford products, not too sure if that is still going on!

So, what is it? Basically just hydrogen peroxide in a bottle, a lovely pink bottle that is. It's a citrus infused gradual lightening spray, which is suitable for all hair shades. You can use the spray in 4 different ways:

- To lighten all over the hair (if you dare!) oh hello I just rhymed ;)
- To do a bit of Ombre DIY
-To highlight hair
- Root touch up

I think this is a great product, for someone who wants to do any of the above to your hair, as it is a fairly easy application, and is SO cheap really.
I have been using it all over, to just give it a bit of lightness to it. So far, I think I have used it about 4 times, and it's so noticeable. I really like it. It's definitely filled the hole that I felt with being bored of my hair, but now it makes me want my blonde hair back again. However, that's a no go, it was JUST so expensive the upkeep and definitely did a lot of damaging.

Lee's top tips on the back of the bottle, suggest you use this on towel dried hair, comb through and then blow dry. I don't adhere to these, as I think different things work for different people, and this way didn't suit me. I usually just spray all over my hair, and then wash it off 15 minutes later. It makes the ends of your hair go so ratty and knotty if you apply using the tips. Find a way that suits you and stick with that I say! The application process is incredibly easy, and pretty self explanatory, the only tip I have is to not use it too often, as it is essentially peroxide, and can be damaging. I use a lot of nourishing and restorative hair masks through out the week, and using moroccan argan oil also helps!

Overall this product is great for mixing things up, having a little change with your hair if you fancy a lighter colour, little or a lot, you can control how much you want, so I like that!

What do you think of this lightening spray? 
Will you be picking this up?

Much love

Saturday, 1 September 2012

missguided | boots wishlist

Samuela Stud Ankle Boots £37.99 - Tiziana Leather Stud Chelsea Boots £37.99 - Lidea Heeled Chelsea Boots £35.99

Everyone loves a good winter boot, one that will survive through the rain, the sludge, the ice and the snow(if we get any!). A sturdy boot for autumn/winter is extremely essential. It's not a fab look letting your favourite flat shoes get messy and soaked and yes I have had to endure that horrible feeling once before! Chelsea boots and ankle boots are still very much bang on trend and I love how they can make a casual outfit look so much more stylish. I own a pair of black suede chelsea boots and they're my favourite ever, they are just fabulous for teaming with a skater dress, mini skater skirts, and even with jeans. They are just such a versatile shoe, and is a staple in your footwear collection. I even love wearing them with socks, the cute patterned ones with frills are so girly and it definitely adds a edgy yet girly look when paired with a skater dress and black leather biker jacket. 

I am finding myself browsing the Missguided website more often than usual lately. They really do have some amazing pieces at the moment, I am especially loving their dupes of the AA disco pants, and all their collared blouses are to die for. So many patterns, so many studs. It's just heaven.
After, browsing Topshop and lusting over the 'Alvin' boot, which are £90 (noooooo!) I decided to try and find some cheaper alternatives, which is where Missguided come in. These are my 3 top picks for their boots, there are loads more that I like, but I settled it down to just these 3.

The first boot is lovely and subtle with the stud detailing just on the side at the back and on the heel. And, at only £37.99 it's practically a steal. I love these, and I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of them. You can find them here.

The second boot, slightly similar to the first, however the style is a Chelsea boot, and as you can see, it's a stud overload. I really do love these, probably more than the first boot. I love the chunky heel! These would definitely toughen up my girly dresses that are in my wardrobe. Mixing girly with grunge is my favourite. I still really love the idea of studding everything at the moment. Subtle studs though, not the spike studs, for me anyway. Again at only £37.99, I think it's just a brilliant price, and I am definitely toying with the idea of purchasing them. I think I'd regret not getting them, and Summers basically left us now so it's time to start wearing the Chelsea boots! You can find these one here.

Lastly is a tan coloured Chelsea boot, for when black is boring you, you can reach for the tan coloured ones! They also have these with studs too, but I like these just plain, as they are. I think these are a perfect autumn boot, perfect for everyday wear, with dresses and skirts. I love the simplicity of this boot, the chunky heel again I just love, and the elasticated side detailing. 
These ones are priced at a mere £35.99!! Love it! I am definitely deciding between either this pair or the second, or maybe even both, because who says you can't have enough boots! You can find these one here

What is your perfect Autumn/Winter boot? Which one would you choose?
Much Love