Friday, 15 June 2012

Instagram Catchup

Outfit, in the car, Jordan and Soph, me soph and jordan, 
all of us, lipstick wine, avon lipstick, mua goodies, mirror pic,
my faves, maccys, moiiii, energy, glamour ft benefit porefessional, 
icecream at 3am, shisha, quiet night in led to the pub, mmmm rekorderlig, 
did my nails, oh my days so good so full, car times, graze, my fave, 
awoken to jordan's kitty, annoying trains outside my window, posing,
fitting in my size 6 jeans today. HAPPY DAYS.

It's only me! I'm alive.
Just been abit MIA for like what?
3 weeks or so. Yeah, sorry about that!
I've had a lot on recently and I'm always out
and never really get chance to be able to
just sit and relax with my laptop, however
this afternoon I have and it's fabulous!
I actually have SO many blogs to have a good
old catch up read with!

I've had such a busy few weeks, been actually
mega crazy you know, missed blogging way too much.

I have so many posts I want to crack on
with, one being the Avon lipstick featured in 
one of the images above. Oh my god. I loooove it!

I need to have a nap before I go out tonight,
or atleast try and force myself to have a nap.
Sleep is definitely a thing of the past for me.

I shall go before I end up rambling on & on...
but, follow me on twitter @beki_fleming_xo
and Instagram bekixx

Have a fabulous friday night you beauties!
Much love