Friday, 24 February 2012

Glossybox February 2012

So, after last months limited edition Valentines Day themed box, I set the bar high, infact almost too
high for this months box. This months box was a Fashion Week edition themed, which of course
fits extremely well as it is Fashion Week this week. But, that doesn't take away the fact that I was
highly disappointed in this months box. I guess, you can always expect a bit of a lucky dip when
it comes to beauty boxes, and whilst I am not keen on all the products that are featured in the months
box, I am always happy to give it the benefit of the doubt, and try them out of course!

Items included in this months box are.
1) DUWOP Venom Gloss
ANOTHER lip gloss I won't use! That's the thing with me,
I really, really do despise lip glosses. I'm plain and
simple and much prefer a matte lipstick always.
This lipgloss however combines subtle
lip gloss with DuWop's Lip Venom to create,
obviously the Venom Gloss. It does, cause
a tingling sensation when you apply it though, 
so don't freak out!
This will just be another lip product,
that is on my dressing table,
never used, or at the bottom
of my hand bag, either way.

2) Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser
Cute packaging for a hand sanitiser.
Handy to just pop into your bag, and carry,
and I actually did put it into my bag
right away, just well, a handbag essential.

3) PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Relaxing Balm
Intensive hydrating treatment for your hair.
I haven't tried this yet, so can't really
comment on it and I have heard nothing
but fab reviews and praise when it
comes to Paul Mitchell products.
So, we shall see.

4) BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
in NOIR.
Okay, so I've NEVER used Mineral
eyeshadows! Never ever ever.
I've just shyed away from experimenting
with them. I've used mineral foundations
and such, but nope, not eyeshadows!
Maybe, maybe I'll
try it out tomorrow,
and I'll report back and tell you
if I like minerals!

4) COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Shower Gel
A revitalizing blend of essential oils that puts
you in a uplifted mood... 
It smells rather nice. I use
so many different gels, and
bath oils, so I'm ALWAYS
up for trying out a new one
that could become my new 

I took photos of the products, everything,
and they messed up, and well,
the Glossybox posts are
all over blogger anyway!
Currently nursing a god awful
migraine at gone 2am. How fabulous(!)
So, I'll go back to catching up on
Gossip Girl & then watch more
of Grey's Anatomy!

OH and I'm yearning for
Watch The Throne tickets,
I need them. I NEED them!!

And, another thing,
I'm going to start to do 
outfit posts :)!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

EDAW 2012

Fastly approaching day 3 of EDAW 2012. For those of you who're unaware what EDAW stands for,
it is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The theme of this year's campaign is
 'Break the silence, beat eating disorders'. Research and studys from BEAT, shows that 
over half of sufferers didn't tell ANYONE about
their Eating Disorder. Speak out, stand up, raise your voice, break the silence.
This has to stop, we need to break the silence surrounding Eating Disorders.
The more people talk about Eating Disorders in an understanding way,
the more likely that it will have an impact and more sufferers
will come forward and reach out for support. 
There's so much stigma and myths attached
to ED's. The myths being ED's are
just a diet gone wrong, a act of attention seeking,
vanity. This is NOT true. And couldn't be more further
than the truth. They're serious, life threatening, fatal,
mental illnesses, that require specialist treatment
and therapy. Early intervention is best,
the better the chance of a full recovery. People
who are suffering, YOU all DESERVE
the chance to be happy, healthy and
a life free from an ED.

Based on a survey conducted by BEAT, the results
of which are shocking.

87% of sufferers did not contact a healthcare professional when they first realised they had a problem.
65% waited for more than 6 months before confiding in someone.
87% of those we surveyed didn't contact a healthcare professional when
they first realized they had a problem.
No-one should ever have to face an Eating Disorder, even just having just one
person they can confine in, is better than living with their own mind,
which, for someone with an ED is excruciating, hellish, soul destroying,
and you can't be any more alone than you are.

This is obviously a topic close to my heart,
as I am a Beat Young Ambassador.
I love it. I've done a lot of stuff
already, such as going into schools
and educating them on EDs.
As well, as lots of other
AMAZING stuff. I spent
Saturday in London, at another
training day, getting lost
in Shoreditch, and looking
like a lost soul is just fab,
and don't get me started
on the northern line being
closed :( Was not great haha.
But yes, London, I love it.
And, now I'm rambling, but...

It's such a
great thing, the ambassador scheme.
I've met SO many amazing
people, and one of my closest friends,
at the moment. Which, brings me onto.
The campaign which I am SO
privileged to be apart of, with
the gorgeous Hannah Rushbrooke
and Sophie Lowe.

Check us out!
Or, our twitter 
Do it do it do it :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day tattoo

So, today was the day of my tattoo,
and I was SO nervous beforehand,
with it being my first, and having
heard so many different
views on what to expect. Now, I'm 
really, really okay with pain
but was like 'ahhhh'
the case of the unknown, like
what was it going to feel like? Would
it really hurt that much? etc. You know,
all the questions, any 
first timer would ask.
I was rushing this morning, woke up late,
missed my doctors appointment! Silly me!
Didn't sleep well though, but dragged myself out of
bed, and rushed for the train, and ran into
boots for a Redbull for sugar, didn't want
to faint getting this done now, did I?
The guy, Jeff, so lovely,
Adam was tattooing someone else, and they were
all just chatting manly stuff, about
girlfriends, valentines day, cheating,
and some disgusting stuff.
I'm there, like laughing along.
Got onto the chair, put the placement for
it on my wrist,
lay down, and was texting people
whilst getting it done.
It didn't hurt at first, and then when he started
to do the envelope it really
got so irritating, like it hurt,
but it didn't. If that makes sense.
I liked it.
It took about 25 minutes.
They were all like,
'You did fucking brill 
for your first one'
I want more.
I loved it.
Planning more to add onto this
design. I can't wait.
My Nana approves, and
seeing as this
is for my Grandad, I'm glad,
she said 'He'd be proud'
Bless her.
I mean, for my first one,
I wanted something that
meant something.
And, it does, so :)

Valentines Day as well.
Really couldn't care less about
this day if I'm honest.
Just any normal day.
I guess I'm just biased
because I'm not in a relationship,
but, I don't see why a day 
should make you do 
something extra special
or whatever, like, make 
every day extra special.
I don't know. Just my thoughts.
I'll just associate Valentines Day
with the day I got my first ever tattoo :)
Though, if someone bought me
pink champagne, chocolates, and cute
things, that'd be nice too.

Now, I'm going to make another
brew, and finish watching the film, I was
watching, which very fittingly, is Valentines Day.
Haha, Oh I am so contradicting. 


Monday, 13 February 2012

Nails, Grammys & life.

Okay, so a post about my experience with the nail rock nail wraps
OH MY GOD. I found it too difficult for myself.
It ended up going TOTALLY wrong & just incredibly disastrous.
I make the simplest things rather difficult it seems!
I don't know, it'd probably be better if someone else
did it for me, and not attempt to get it so perfect
first time around. I'll try them again, because they are
really nice designs, but I'll just refrain from doing them myself!
I don't know, they just wouldn't stick down, and even following
the instructions. Seemed rather flimsy. I'm just incapable of
doing anything I guess! Though, in the photo below, it looks
like they're on and they look good. But, believe me,
they weren't. UGH.
Took them off straight after and painted my nails
spots & stripes :)

I watched the Grammys live stream last night/this morning.
And, wow... is all I can say.
Katy Perry on the red carpet
was absolutely breathtaking.
So so beautiful.
I know, a lot of people are not a fan
of her blue hair, but I really love it
on her. It really brings out
her sparkling eyes. Like, seriously,
she just sparkles.
And the dress she wore. The magnificent
sky hued Elie Saab couture gown, amazing
Norman Silverman diamond earrings,
just completed the glitz
and glamour look she was going for!
She is perfect. And, for me,
by far the best dressed.

Rihanna also looked incredible!
At first, I wasn't too keen
on the new blonde hair,
but I think I'm coming round to it 
a bit now. She did look gorgeous
though in a plunging Giorgio Armani
black dress.

Adele though,
British girl, normal down to earth,
left with all 6 Grammys
she was nominated for.
And, her reaction, just,
so sincere, and amazing.
She is beautiful.
And, people still slating
her 'cause of her weight.
Seriously? Grow up.
She is incredibly talented
and her performance last night
was breathtaking.
She ALSO looked so beautiful
in a sheer polka dot black gown.
Such a beauty.

Nicki Minaj.
I love her. I do.
But, she's starting to get on
my nerves. Out to shock
and get attention,
when it's really
not necessary.
I don't know.
I just think, she doesn't need the
shock factor in her outfits,
just think she is trying
far too hard when she 
doesn't have to.

And, of course, the tributes for the late
Whitney Houston. Oh, I thought Jennifer Hudson
was incredible singing
'I will always love you', she is beautiful,
and thought it was a perfect tribute, 
towards Whitney.
Such a shame, such a tragedy.
I'm not going to pretend that I listened to her
music religiously, but I did grow up
listening to her, and I associate
certain of her songs,
to different events, and some
with a smile, some with a tear.
She was incredible though.
And, I can listen to her songs,
all of them, and not be bored of them.
Just amazing.
People commenting on her death, saying
it's her own fault, drugs, this
that & the other. You know,
it's not really our place or our
business to even comment,
it is what it is.
And, unfortunately she died.
Just let the poor soul
rest in peace. 


Saturday, 11 February 2012


Woke up this morning to a post from the fabulous 
Jimmy and his girl.
Been wanting this ring for so long now,
and bought it off their boutique on
ASOS Marketplace! And at only
 £2.50. I couldn't not buy it really!

I booked my tattoo yesterday!  £70 well spent!
I'm getting it done on Tuesday, which is also 
Valentines Day, not that I care!
But, I can't wait. SO excited!!!!
The tattooist, Adam is loveeeeely
and... well, rather gorgeous! Haha.

I also nipped out today, just quick
trip to Tesco & Outfit, where
I got a top from the Topshop
section, some slippers, some Nailrock
nail wraps, which I shall
try out later tonight, or
tomorrow and do a post about :)

It doesn't even feel like a Saturday night at all!
I have the worst headache ever :(
So think, it's just a film night for me.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

My favourite must haves

001. L'Occataine hand cream/
 Limited Edition Cocoa Flower.

I just adore this. My hands are always incredibly soft due
 to this wonderful product!  So yes, there you go, my secret, to 
smooth, soft hands is  this!  I want to buy all the 
limited edition ones, but this one caught my eye. 
I do want to buy the 'Desert Rose' one too as well though.
 Only £.7.50 as well!
002. Planet Spa Shea Butter
Face Mask.

This is definitely one of my favorite must haves.
So cheap as well. I love AVON. Have some really
good buys in there, at really good prices.
But this product, I use straight after
I've cleansed & toned, and
it leaves my face feeling super 
soft and incredibly smooth,
and completely nourished.
I can't rate this enough.

003. LUSH Rehab Shampoo.
Okay, so this is my absolute all time
favourite shampoo. It really is amazing.
My hair is so damaged due to
too much bleaching, and hair dyes,
and not to mention to many when
I run the straighteners through it!
This shampoo is basically 'rehab' for your
hair, and bringing it back 
to it's healthy ways, with
all the added amazing
ingredients included.

004. LUSH Retread Conditioner.
So, after you've used REHAB, you follow
on, and use this as the conditioner,
if your hair is incredibly neglected
& damaged. And, this product,
again is just fantastic.
This is a pit stop
for your hair, your hair
needs to be looked after,
just as much as everything
else, and RETREAD promises
to fuel your hair 
back to health
and luscious nourishment
with all the added ingredients.
I've been using REHAB and
RETREAD for just nearly a year
now, and already, a noticeable difference,
even after I was using it for one week.
My hair was noticeably softer, thicker, wasn't
breaking. Just amazing.
If you think your hair needs
a good treatment, then I highly
recommend buying these shampoo and
condition, and having a pamper session.

005. Eyelure Brow Palette.
I love this brow palette.
So simple and easy to apply
& only a tenner!
Comes with brow
stencils and a dual
ended brush.
As well, as a 
highlighter and wax.
I use this alongside my Rimmel
brow pencil, and my SLEEK brow kit.
I have a lot of brow stuff in my make up
bag, and still yet to buy the BENEFIT
Brows a go go.
Definitely going to have to
buy that soon I think!

006. Nina Ricci Le Paradis

A present off my best friend this was.
And, I love this smell.
So flowery and girly.
Always carry it in my handbag
with me, just a really pretty bottle
too, and a lovely smell :)
007. EYEKO Fat Eye Stick

I love love love this product.
It's amazing, and I've already
spoke about it when I
revived the CARMINE box,
but seriously, it's such a good
shadow and liner,
and by far the BEST I've ever come
across. I love it.
And you have to get one!

008. Vaseline Rosy Lips.

You can never, ever go wrong
without this handbag staple,
that is Vaseline.
Everyone should always
carry this with them,
I do, as I am prone to chapped
lips, and the 'Rosy Lips'
version is such a girly and cute
one, the little tins, are super cute
also.  The rosy lips one,
adds tint to your lips.

009. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express
Mascara Black.

Up to 3x more visible lashes INSTANTLY
 and creates a false lash effect, without having
to use false lashes! Fabulous.
I've always had a soft spot
for all of Maybelline's mascaras,
and always try out their new
ones, as they have never
let me down with them.
Same goes for their Falsies.
I love it, and for me, a girl
who is so rubbish
at applying false lashes ( I know! silly)
this works incredibly well for me,
and I love big lashes, so I really
really do love this.

010. Simple Face Wipes.

You actually can't go wrong with the
brand Simple, they do some great
moisturizers and cleansers,
and their face wipes, which
are cleansing ones, are just something
that I always carry with me.
Especially when my make up
likes to mess up ( always),
easy to just whip out my bag,
and clean...
Easy and perfect!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Simple things

Perfection in the form of ELLE & Pepsi max!
Yes please.
Simple things make me happy indeed!
Off to bask my head in this,
and then off to sleep for me!
My sleep has improved SO much,
to the point, where I am sleeping
NORMALLY. And a good 12 hours too.
Up early tomorrow though, doctors appointment!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Steve Madden shoe lust

If anybody would like to buy me the SHAZZAM Black ones,
 please, that would be
just absoloutley fabulous, and I'd love you SO freaking much!

I just adore Steve Madden and ALL of his shoe collections.
They're all so so so beautiful and to die for.
I want them all. PLEASE.

They are so versatile, and I can imagine
myself wearing them with my
burgundy velvet dress, a biker leather
jacket, with black opaque tights,
and a fedora hat, and a
black oversized bag.

So incredibly stylish.
Wear with a dress for a night out,
or wear them in the day with palazzo
pants, or any wide leg trousers!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday wish list

What's on your iTunes?

My music taste is a bit of an eclectic mix, everything and everything, just a big jumble of different genres, different decades, difference. I like it. I adore it.
These are only a few snapshots that are featured on my iPhone. I love everything, all of these.
Currently though, I am loving The Weeknd. 

This is 'The Party and The After Party'- THE WEEKND.
One of my most played at the moment.
Although, all of his songs, are just amazing
and there isn't one, I can't listen to.

Another artist you have to check out atm is A$AP Rocky.
Listen to 'LEAF' - Such a good a beat.

I love M83. They're finally getting more airplay,
so much they deserve it. They are an incredible band.
You know when you're feeling dull, and
having a horrific day? Yeah, well listen
to M83 and you'll feel so much better.
Their music speaks to me, so much more than
their lyrics, the beat, the harmony...
it's just beautiful.

You have to check out their other songs
'You Appearing', 'Midnight City', 'America', 'Couleurs'

Joy Divison is another most played on my iTunes.
I don't know what I can say about the simplicity 
of this band, they'll always be in my hearts.
Just have such a special connection, as you know.
Disorder is my favourite song.

You Me At Six.
2011 was such a fab year, well they released,
their new album in November.
'Sinners never sleep'
I have to say, every track, I LOVED.
My faves being 'Crash', 'Bite my Tongue'
& 'Jaws on the floor'

Other bands and artists which I adore, and are on my top played are,
Phantogram and their song Don't move.

Oh Land- Perfection. Wow.
Just a beauty of a song

If you like Oh Land, listen to 'Lean'

Frank Ocean. I love, I LOVE.

Purity Ring- Lofticries.

I love Tyler, the creator.
Bit of old school 90s hip hop and rap.

But, will ALWAYS love and adore
my Arctic Monkeys. They've constantly
changed their image and their music,
and I really do rate that a lot.
They're different, and aren't doing the same stuff,
over and over again. SO much respect.

Bands/Artists I haven't mentioned that
I adore and love are:
  •  Massive Attack
  •  Pixies
  •  New Order
  •  The Jam
  •  Nicki Minaj
  • The XX
  •  Crystal Castles
  • Dance Gavin Dance
  • A Day To Remember
  • Brand New
  • Chris Brown
  • Chase and Status
  • City and Colour
  • Florence & The Machine
  • J. COLE
  • Jessie J
  • Justin Bieber ( Yes, really! )
  • KOL
  • Magnetic Man/Skream
  • Nero
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • The Smiths
  • Professor Green
  • Passion Pit
And, SO SO much more. 

Just LOVE music.

What are your favorites?