Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Avon Mini Haul

I've been wanting to try out the Cracked Nails effect for a while now
and when I saw it for cheap in the Avon book, I bit the bullet,
and ordered some. My first attempt, in the picture above, isn't
at all great or perfect. Another attempt tomorrow!
But, I can't rate this enough. It's such a cool and pretty
effect and adds a touch of quirkyness to you.

You can never own too much blush/bronzer compacts.
I am living proof of that, as the amount I own is quite bad!
But, I like to mix it up a bit, and try out
different brands. My favourite has to my Estee Lauder
blush/bronze compact. But, this Avon one, 
definitely comes in at a close second.
I love face products that highlight and countour your skin,
adds a touch of shimmer. This is just perfect for that!

I use this all the time, and is a trusty staple in my skincare
collection. I saw it was on offer, and as I was running 
low on this product, I ordered some more.
It really is fabulous, and I love anything
skin care related, especially face scrubs.
Pretty much ALL I ever look out for.
But, this is definitely one to recommend. 

I've never tried this product. And, I'm always on
the lookout for hair treatment products, as the
state of my hair is rather, well horrific.
It's dry, and so extremely coarse. Dead
ends everywhere, falling out, and SO thin.
So, I just use any good products I can find,
I'm always on a scavenger hunt.
As, I said I haven't tried this one, but will
definitely give it a whirl and will let
you know my opinion on it.

Rebekah xoxo

casual chic

casual chic

Skinny fit jeans
£38 - topshop.com

Studded shoes
$56 - topshop.com

H M leather handbag
£20 - hm.com

Chanel leather jewelry
€1.289 - lindestore.com

H M wide ring
£3.99 - hm.com

Gold earrings

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture
$30 - bloomingdales.com

Monday, 30 January 2012

Glossybox January 2012

This months special edition Glossybox, was all nice and girly and pink, due to it
being Valentines Day themed. I really did love this a lot.
I find the boxes so simple and easy to get into, so kudos to having great boxes!!

I was so pleased to see another Eyeko product in this box, as you know
I just adore Eyeko. I already own this product the Skinny Eyeliner, except in
just your normal average 'Black', so to have this in a Emerald Green, was good, 
as I never really experiment with colours, with eyeliners.
 I stick to black or purple. So, I was definitely pleased with this 
and can't wait to try the green on me!

The Clarins products are something I adore too.
 I already own the Extra Firming Day 
Cream in full size, after trying out a sample a few months ago. 
So I'll probably just give this away 
to a member of my family. But, I do love this product, it renews 
your skin, firming and toning, and regenerating your skin for the day ahead. 
Definitely a life saver! I have already tested the night cream out, but I never
 bought the full size version. I don't
know why, but this does exactly the same as the day cream,
 except recovering  and renewing your complexion!

The FAB (First Aid Beauty) body moisturizer, is a daily treatment which 
has antioxidant boosters infused. It aims to nourish the skin,
 relieve the dryness, and lock in the moisture. Recommended by dermatologists! 
It's travel size, and is handy to just pop into your bag! Whenever your body
 needs hydrating just pop it out of your bag, and voila! :)

The last product featured in this months box, is the MURAD Hybrids
Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy finish!
It is travel size, but again, it's so handy to just put into your 
handbag on nights out. It promises to create a smooth resilient canvas while
minimizing the appearance of pores. It ignites a radiant glow, powered
by light-enhancing minerals. It's a dewy finish, and I really cannot
wait to try out this product!

Also, lastly, with it being Valentines Day edition, it came with
a cute sweet, which I found lovely :)
I really like this months box! 

Sunday, 29 January 2012


This is a tattoo design that I have created that I am hoping to get next month. 
I am so so excited about it! The tattoo itself has a lot of meaning behind it, to me.
Obviously it's small, and doesn't need a lot of detail.
But, it's not going to be as messy on me! Just my rubbish pen skills.
But, yes. Here it is...

The top symbol is the 'Infinity' symbol,
below is of course an envelope with a heart,
and underneath is my Grandad's DOB in roman numerals :)
Just, something to keep him close to my heart.

Still undecided as to where the placement is going to be.
I was thinking my back, shoulder blade, wrist, rib cage.
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
And, of course, this will be the first of MANY tattoo's.
I have SO many designs and lots that I want.
Some have meaning, some don't..
Some quotes I want scattered anywhere & eveywhere.
Just, hmmm I don't know :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Carmine January Box

I honestly thought it was never going to arrive, but today it finally did. Yay.
I was pretty dubious as to what to expect from this box 
and I was pretty right to be so.

The only two products that are worthwhile are the Eyeko 'Fat Eye' 
stick and the Eldora false eyelashes.

I love Eyeko products, so was really pleased to see a Eyeko product 
in the box, and I am
a avid eyeliner fan, and always looking for new eyeliners.
 This 'fat eye' stick works as both
a liner and a shadow, which aims to create the perfect 
smoky- eye look! Perfect. The texture 
is a soft, creamy, rich and smooth. It's user friendly, and SO easy to apply. 
This is definitely one to buy. The retail price is £10.00.

I ALWAYS struggle when it comes to applying False Eyelashes.
They always seem to out beat me, and I give up, and just
don't wear them. However, when I saw the Eldora False Eyelashes, I thought
'Okay, I'll give them another go' - And, with a lot of determintation I 
managed to make them stay on yay! Seriously, I cannot rate these enough.
They give you such a subtle touch up, you would really know they were false.
And, that's the look I want. Subtle yet extra length and lots of glam. 
Use the code 'eldoracarmine2012' for 50% off the Eldora rage if
you spend 15pounds or more. Expires on the 29th Feb.
Retail price of these lashes are £4.25

The next product featured in the box is the WESTLAB Himalayan Pink Bath Salts
It says that this natural, mineral-rich treasure will transform a 30-minute soak
in the bath into a detox that is equivalent to a 3-day fast! How amazing is that?
I love baths. It's all I have, with the odd shower here and there, when I can be bothered.
But, being able to just, relax and revitalize in the bath is truly magical. I use
cleansing bath milks when I can be bothered, but when I'm in dire need of a detox. 
These salts will be on hand!

The next product is the BALANCE ME Radiance Face Oil.

As you can see it's just a sample. But this face oil, is 100% natural,
and promises to dramatically renew your skin and make you literally glow.
I haven't tested it out yet, but will be sure to when I do my morning cleansing routine.
The full bottle retails at £30. Carmine has given me the code
'CARMINE2012' for 10% off the full size bottle, which will be 27pounds.
My skin needs renewing drastically, so I hope it's good.

The last product in the box is the KORRES Wild Rose 24-hour
Moisturising & Brightening Cream

As you can see, this is also a travel sized product
which I am insanely gutted about, as it
smells so lush. It really does.
The full sized product retails at 19pounds, so I may 
have to purchase it. 
The product promises to brighten and repair your
complexion, and will also pump up the
hydration for a full 24 hours! How fab?

xoxoxox :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Positive update!

Yesterday was a success, my own personal achievement per se.
I made the most beautifulist ( not a word, I know!) dinner.
Wholegrain Pitta, which are so yum. With Feta, Quorn Burger and salad :)
Yum yum yum!

I then, spent all night on Polyvore. Seriously super distracting,
which is just fab. As, distractions is what I need :) But, I feel good, I do.
I also conjured myself up a homemade hair masque last night, and
slept with it on, and after I showered earlier it feels so shiny and soft!

Today I ventured over to Tesco and bought some stuff for myself...

And, then did some food shopping, and bought so much Noodles! Udon, Rice, Singapore, Egg, Wholewheat! I just love noodles. And, of course, Stir fry stuff, and much more meals and ingredients :)

Happy days, hey?
It's not going to change overnight, but so far so good hey.

Tomorrow I am seeing Clare :)


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chanel Vintage Leather Backpack

This Vintage Chanel backpack is just to die for. I NEED this in my life.
This would be perfect teamed with a skater skirt, a printed blouse and brogues.
Or, an everyday outfit of leggings and vans or converse. Ahhhh, just, so beautiful.


Shirt tee

Parka - Cliff
€137 - modekungen.se

FAIR+true printed pants
£40 - fashion-conscience.com

Converse flat heels
£40 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Oversized tote bag
$298 - lodis.com

ASOS button jewelry
¥248 - asos.com

H M wide ring
£3.99 - hm.com

Dorothy Perkins pom pom hat
$12 - dorothyperkins.com