Friday, 31 August 2012

MUA | blush and bronzer

MUA blush/bronzer
MUA blush/bronzer
MUA/ blush bronzer swatch
MUA blush/bronzer me

Hey lovelies!
MUA is a make up brand that I just love a hell of a lot, it's cheap, it's cheerful and most importantly it's all amazing quality, which is fab I think for such affordable products! I've only ever really tried their eyeliners, single eyeshadows and their AMAZING palettes an the mosaic bronzers. So, when I popped into Superdrug recently I thought I would pick up the single blush and bronzer as I've wanted them for a while, and at only £1, it'd be a crime to not have bought them!

Both are in shade one. The blush is more a light pink, one that will definitely give you the rosy cheeks you're after. I mainly own coral and nude blushers, so this is definitely new for me. I do love the pink though. I use an angled blush brush to apply this, so you're not applying to much product on to a big brush, also excess any powder off, as you can neverbe too sure if you're applying too much. Once applied onto the face, it gives a subtle rosy pink glow to the face, which is what I was aiming for. I was expecting it to come out as bright as it is in the package, thankfully not!  Tip: Keep on blending the product in, to avoid resembling a clown. That happened to me once, wasn't a fun look AT ALL. The packaging is okay, it’s transparent which I do like, as you can see the product, and see how much you have used etc. I can’t really complain about it, as it’s cheap as chips and it does the job and fits the bill perfectly.

The bronzer, again shade one which is not my usual bronzer. The colour is a sunkissed golden shade, which is what I always go for, however, it’s a shimmer bronzer. EEEEK. Usually not my choice of finish, as I like my bronzers to be matte, and then to add shimmer with a highlighter. BUT. I’ve got to admit, that when I used this, in my everyday make up routine, I really love it. I love the finish it gives onto my face. However, perhaps because of the glittery shimmery finish and texture, I think that this is a bronzer best suited for evenings and nights out, so it isn’t ‘too much’ for daywear. But, then again, each to their own. But for me, daytime I would much prefer a matte bronzer! If you’re looking for a glam shimmery glittery bronzer and don’t want to spend a fortune, then why not try this hereNow, girlies, I am after a new matte bronzer, not too dark, not too light, just one that will give me the perfect sunkissed glow. I have been intrigued by the NARS bronzers for ages now and the CHANEL Soleil de tan. What are your favourite MATTE bronzers?

Also, have you tried this MUA SHADE 1 bronzer and blusher before? 
What are your thoughts I’d love to know!

Oh and have you seen how light my hair has gone? I've been using the Lee Stafford Lightening Spray, a post will be on that soon! My hairs a bit of a mess, natural curlyness there for you!

Much love

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Motel Rocks | 20% Discount


Hey lovelies, I thought i'd add another quick post and let you all know about this amazing 20% off at Motel Rocks. How fab is that? All you have to do is enter bekixo at the checkout, and voila 20% off! Another fab thing about Motel Rocks is that they have FREE UK delivery and returns! That's always the best thing. So, what's stopping you? Go and take a look at their site. They have some amazing skirts and playsuits at the moment. 

Much Love

mini haul | avon

avon mini haul

You guys know how much I love Avon products as it seems I post about their stuff quite frequently, but I really do love their stuff. As my Nana is an Avon rep it's easy for me to just order stuff whenever, and there is always the latest products at her house, so I'm always like ooo what can I have?! Most of their make up is pretty good too, especially the supershock eyeliner and mascaras, and I know the Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo love them too! If you haven't ever thought twice about Avon, you really should look online, it's actually rather good, despite what some people think!

Anyway, on with this post...
I actually forgot what I had ordered so was a nice surprise.
 I know, how can forget hey? But, I just didn't know what to get, 
so I just got the most random things, and didn't really think it through really.

The first two products are skincare and are part of the Clearskin Clear Emergency range, which I've not tried yet so thought I'd give it a go.The first is the Instant Spot Treatment, I really want to try the Origins super spot remover, and I thought I would try this before that. I definitely need it, as I've had a bit of break out in the past week, and I think it could be because I have changed my moisturiser (NOT GOOD!) so I'm hoping this will balance it out. The second being a Cream Cleanser. Not a big fan of cream cleansers, so why I got this I don't know, but maybe I might become a fan!

How tiny is this make up remover? Seriously it looked SO much better online and in the brochure, I didn't expect it to be so minuscule. It's oil based which I love, and I've ran out of my micellar cleansers, so I thought this would be a good substitute, though it probably won't last that long!

So, the last Avon haul I included the morrocan argan oil and this time I have the shampoo which I wanted. I've just bought a new shampoo, 
but this'll be good for in between washes. Looking forward to trying it out!

Lastly, is the a Mediterranean olive oil reviving facial gold glow gel, 
wow long name, but I tried a bit of this before and it's SO good. 

I'll most likely be reviewing these and posting individual in depth reviews on them, once I've used them enough to know whether they're good or not!

Have you ever shopped at Avon? What's your best buy from there?
Would you like to see a more indepth review? Let me know!

Much Love

Sunday, 26 August 2012

celeb style inspiration | jessica alba

Jessica Alba is definitely my new celeb style crush of the moment. I've never really looked at her in terms of a style icon, which now I find mad, because she dresses amazingly. Thanks to the Daily Mail (for once!) for always having stories on her, running errands in her so effortlessly chic outfits. 
I love all the colour, the detailing and the prints. The first outfit is my absoloute favourite of them all, it's so simple yet so stylish. The two toned jeans and floral blazer make a bold statement, and make the outfit far more exciting, had she of paired it with black jeans. But, no doubt, even then it would definitely still look amazing. I just love the boldness of it. And I LOVE the shoes. I think heels and wedges look fabulous with jeans, a plain shirt and blazers. But, the front strap detailing on these are so pretty.

The second outfit is so casual and girly, but she has made it slight
more edgy with the Leather waistcoat, which I LOVE. It goes so well
with the bright pink cropped jeans. This is the sort of outfit you'd find me in, well maybe if they were full length skinny jeans, but this outfit I just adore.
Love the top bun and sunnies too. 

Lastly, this outfit actually mirrors what I usually wear, as I have very
similar floral shorts just like these. Perfect for everyday wear, and adds a elegant and girly touch to any outfit, whether you pair it with a denim shirt, plain top or a blouse. I love what Jessica has done here, by adding the doc martens and the plain black top, definitely toughens the outfit up a lot more.

Jessica has impeccable style, and I actually look forward to seeing her outfits when she is running errands, love how casual yet glam they are.

What do you think of Jessica Alba's style?

Much Love

Saturday, 25 August 2012



Meat Free Nut Cutlets which are DELISH,shorts and jubbly, best drinks, wine,
baking as usual, the outcome YUM, cold, hello face,
my brother snuggled in my bed, usual, hello messy hair, outfit sorta,
quick newsagent buys, costa i love you, coffee shop times, haul, 
iced mochalatte, mirror pic, train to LIVERPOOL, nicest cute cafe EVER in Liverpool.

Hi! This is pretty much my past one and a bit week, I think. I haven't really taken many Instagram photo's to be honest. But, I thought I would share with you anyway
If you would like to follow me, my IG name is Bekixx 

Yesterday I went to Liverpool and met Linzie. I do love that city. As much as I love Manchester,it's always nice to get a change, and Liverpool is pretty! When can I move?!There's so many cute little cafes and coffee shops it's just pure heaven, fora coffee lover like yours truly.
 Anyway, I did what I had to do there, and I have some exciting things for the future, which I am really looking forward to! I shall fill you in on that on a whole different blog post maybe.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend...
oh wait, it's bank holiday isn't it?!
Well then, enjoy the bank holiday beautiful people.

Much Love

Thursday, 23 August 2012

what i bought | mini beauty and haircare haul


Hey lovelies!
Yesterday I had an appointment for the Media Make Up course I will be starting in the next couple of weeks. I am super excited. Never have I felt more me, and SO happy to be doing what I want to do. It's a great feeling. Anyway, in usual Beki style, I couldn't go home without nipping into Boots and Superdrug. Its a very pink themed haul isn't it? Oh I do love pink!

Browsing round Boots always gets me so confused, I want everything yet I don't know what I want. I was eyeing up the Benefit counter, and then ended up at La Roche-Posay debating whether to get the micellar solution and thermal spa water! Decisions decisions! Anyway, as my hair is in a mess, i thought I'd go for Haircare, and Lee Stafford are doing 3 products for £12! I used to use the Bleach Blonde shampoo and conditioner by him, when I was blonde, and I'm a huge lover of the dry shampoo! The smell of the products is just heaven. I'd heard a lot about the actual hair growth miracle treatment, but I figured i'd get the shampoo and conditioner to try it out, and to see if it actually works! Also, I know, I'm probably ruining my hair even more by purchasing this lightening spray, but it was just a bit of a whim really, it does look really good though!!

On to Superdrug, just pretty standard products. Needed a new bronzer urgently, and just picked this up, along with the blusher. Both in shade one. MUA are really fab. Can't fault them at all. Really great quality, affordable, you can't go wrong really! The moisturiser, was an impulse buy, purely based on the fact it's pink and it's grapefruit. It smells so good! And to be fair I did need a new moisturiser!

I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow to see a friend, which should be fun! 
Going to be doing a big thing, getting closure from a certain area in my life!

Would you like me to do a separate in depth review of any these products? 
Have you tried any of these products?

Much love

if any of you beautiful people reading this, love hip hop and rap, as much as me, please will you check out Mike's blog, for the latest in music releases, mix tapes, everything hip hop related you'll find it there! It's rather fab! But I'm biased ;)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

inika cosmetics certified organic eyeliner


Following on from yesterday's post where I was rediscovering all the products I have received in beauty boxes, today we have the inika eyiner in the shade named 'Coco'. If you're unfamiliar with the brand Inika, they are a 100% natural luxury cosmetics brand. Half of the inika product range is Certified Organic, whilst the other half is 100% pure mineral make up. All of their products are Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. For more information, you should definitely take a look over at their site.

Now, this is my first foray into natural make up. I've never really thought about it, and just bought what I knew, and before receiving this I'd hadn't heard of Inika previously! Inika do amazing products that I'm definitely becoming a huge fan, and I can definitely understand and see the benefits of natural make up.

A brown eyeliner? Another first for me! I love wearing all different eyeliner shades, but brown has never been a stand out shade for me! I've now come to realise its perfect to have a neutral shade amongst my collection! Though, my first thought for this was, I could use it as an eyebrow pencil!The texture of this is so rich and creamy, the consistency and lasting power is actually really great. Whilst I haven't tested it out, I swatched it and it managed to stay all day. Eyeliners manage to do anyway(for me anyway!) but it was still the rich chocolate shade, with no smudge at all! Impressive!

I am looking forward to using this, whether I create a neutral smokey eye or 
whether I test it out on my eyebrows I don't know!

Do you own any Inika products?
What are your thoughts on natural products?

Much love

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lancôme hypnôse drama mascara


Well, the full name is Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara! 
Wow! That's a mouthful! So I decided a few days a go that I really need to start using all the samples and trial sizes I have of different products that I have accumulated from beauty boxes. I actually forgot about some of the stuff from when I was going through it all the other day!

Today is about the Lancôme Hypnôse Drama that I received in a glossybox. Loved it at first, then forgot all about it, and now rediscovered it and now I want to go out and buy the full size.

I really do think, that up to now its one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. I haven't had a mascara in a long time that makes me go 'wow I love you', whereas with this I do! I really love the curved brush which allows all of your lashes to have contact, which provides the full body volume! After just one coat it's perfect, I don't feel like I need to put another coat because the volume is just fabulous! Obviously I curl my eyelashes before use, but even if you didn't I can imagine it still having the same effect!

I love the full and thicker lash look, and whilst I've tried mascaras that claim to provide that, I wasn't wowed away by them. This is just greatness on another level. I'm just in love! I need to get myself to my nearest department store and buy the full size one!

Have you tried this?
What are your favourite mascaras?
Much love

Sunday, 19 August 2012

what i would wear:casual style

As much as I love dressing up in dresses and blazers, there's nothing more I love 
than a casual yet Girly dressed down outfit.This is the type of outfit I'm usually in bar the Nike blazers, because sadly I still haven't got any, though I'm going to buy some soon,
 because I just need them!The outfit is perfect for chilling in or going for coffee, shopping, everything, very street meets girly. I've got so many printed vintage tees, and I just love this coca cola one. Rather than finishing the outfit with a leather jacket I think the denim one gives it a more softer and playful look to it. Of course, added in there is the hairbow as I adore shoving them in my hair, especially on bad hair days! 

The tan Marc Jacobs bag, which by the way is just gorgeous, again adds to the outfit being very cute and not making it too edgy by being black. I think by wearing the 
Crush JBK Revlon spices the outfit up as a whole, and livens it up, 
rather than playing it safe with a blue toned pink lip shade.

I love both pairs of these Nike Blazers. I want them like so bad!
 Anyone want to buy both of them for me? Haha!
Yep I definitely love this outfit!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Much love

Saturday, 18 August 2012

percy & reed totally tlc hydrating mask


Oh look another hair product! It seems I just harbour these types of products too!
 Masks, oils, leave in treatments, I've got them.

This was a magazine freebie and I've pretty much finished it now, but I thought I would tell you my views on it.I gotta admit that I do really like this , whether I repurchase this or not I don't know, as it's £20 for 175ml. This is only a sample size, and is in a tube rather than the 175ml being in one of those tubs you scoop out with your fingers. It's a high end product and can be found in Selfridges, SpaceNK, Harvey Nichols, and selected online stockists and salons. The packaging is cute, a lot of people aren't keen on it, 
but I think it's really stylish and cute.

The scent is so nice, it's one of those ones where it's like ahhhhh I don't want to wash it off my hair it's that nice. I think it smells like the tresseme shampoos and conditioners. 
Though, it doesn't smell like coconut and marshmallow as it states on the tube. Which is pretty sad, because who wouldn't want a marshmallow scented hair mask!!The product is an easy one to apply, it's not like some of the hair masks I have which are so thick in texture and consistency where it takes foreeeeever, this is thin but the right amount, and is easy to massage all over your hair! It absorbs straight into your hair too which is just great, might make you look like you've got greasy hair for a bit but that's okay!

The bottle suggests you to apply from roots to your ends, wrap hair in a towel and leave for 10 minutes. I don't do that. I did on first application, but then I saw that it wasn't really working, and decided to leave it longer, up to an hour, sometimes I leave it on overnight if my hair needs that extra tlc, and let's be honest my hair does! I've found that this way, I get a better result from the product, though it may not work for everyone, but for me I like it. So after I've left it on for an hour or overnight, I rinse and shampoo as normal, sometimes I condition sometimes I don't, I just go by how my hair feels from the mask.

I have been using this for a while now, and like I said its good, but I like change, and I like to mix things up constantly. I'm forever using this or the James Brown Intensive Moisture Mask, as they're pretty much the same product. I just don't think this one is worth £20. You can get much cheaper alternatives, one that will do exactly the same as this. You've just gotta shop around, find one that suits you, and you don't always have to follow the instructions, if you find what works right for you and your hair that's great!

Please tell me your favourite hair masks? I'm intrigued and I 
want to have some new ones to look at!

Much love

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

pink matter

Blazer - H&M
Dress-Henry Holland for Debenhams
Shoes- Primark
Scarf- Avon
Hey lovelies!
Baring my legs, my pale legs might I add, for the 
glorious sunshine that we seem to be having, again.
Now, please just stay with us forever!
Apologies for the awful quality! Note to self:

Just a simple grey bodycon dress from the HOH collection that is stocked at Debenhams,
paired with my favourite blazer EVER, from H&M.Seriously, I love this blazer. 
I think it is just great for turning a simple outfit much more exciting and chic.
It's so comfy too. As is the dress!I usually wear the dress as a top sometimes,
just tucked into shorts, which I also love.

Of course, wearing my Vectra style shoes,and my adorned scarf, which I never seem
to have off me these days. Scarf, I know, crazy.But, again, it just brightens up simple and 
casual outfits, which is what I have done here.

As for my hair, this top bun seems to be my signature style these days.
 My hair is just at such a boring length, that's it's just easier
to put it into a bun. 

It's absolutely crazy how fast this year has gone, and I know we say this
every year, but it's true. Like, wow. September soon. I love A/W fashion and
styles though, so really, I can't wait.

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine,and catching some rays.

I'm super excited to be starting my Media Make Up
in September, eeeeeek!

Much Love