Thursday, 28 February 2013

soap and glory face soap and clarity face wash

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I'm always on the look out for new skincare products, I'm currently on a mission to strip back my current skincare routine back to basics, as my skin has become so aggravated, which means hello blemishes, after using too many different serums, oils, cleansers, exfoliaters, moisturisers, it's time I stuck to something just to see what happens. Thus enter this product... Which, by the way I totally picked up on a whim, no reviews, nothing, just browsing the Soap and Glory aisle in Boots, as usual, and I picked this up, and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. (YES HELLO A QUARTER USED oops sorry!)
I'm always apprenhensive using new skincare products just because I usually react to them all the time, breaking out like you don't know. You would never have thought that only in the past year I have started breaking out! It's definitely buying all these products (thank you blogging!) and using different stuff.

But, yeah anyway on to this. I've been using this morning and night daily for the past 3 weeks, however using a more deep cleanser for eye make up, but generally using this for the base of all my make up.
So far so good. I haven't broke out yet, and I usually would have done if using a new product by now. So, I'm definitely more than happy about that! The packaging again...ah Soap and Glory killing it everytime with their quirky and cutesy packaging. This is only a tube and it still looks pretty with the different type faces, and the pink EVERYWHERE. Love!

So, what actually is this?
It's a 3-in-1 daily cleansing vitamin C facial wash, which contains the superfruit plum which is a skin brightening complex! (Always good!) With 150ml of product, a little pea sized amount is only needed, so this will last you a long time. Applying it into damp hands, rub until a soft lather forms all over your face, and you start to smell the fresh scent, which I LOVE. Not too overpowering. I would say though, definitely avoid getting this into your eyes, hurts like a bitch. The formula is great though, you can't go wrong with gel cleansers, and the small pink beads help to exfoliate whilst cleansing which is great!
After using this my skin definitely feels and looks so much more fresh and bright, which is what it claims, and I have to agree. I'm really enjoying using this at the moment, and with no break outs in sight I really can't complain now, can I?!

You can buy it here from Boots for £7, where there is currently 3-for-2 on all Soap and Glory skincare products. Definitely worth checking out!

Has anybody tried this before? Or any other skincare products from S&G?
Much Love
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rimmel wake me up range

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Hello lovelies! Look who's FINALLY blogging. YAY let's all dance. Or just me? Yeah, probably just me.
I have to say I'm bloody well happy to be blogging again, it's definitely my happy place, I'll tell you that.

Anyway... moving away from my ramblings, today I bring you the Wake Me Up range from Rimmel, which has definitely done it's rounds across the blogosphere, and the foundation is everywhere across blogs. That being said, I thought I'd shed my two pennys worth on these products. First things first, I love them. Yes. I really do. This foundation is an absolute dream to apply and the formula, the finish, the scent, the way it makes me feel is just amazing. If a foundation can finally make me feel pretty good about my skin then that's a clear winner in my eyes. I tend to gravitate towards full coverage foundations, anything that will hide my dull and tired skin as well as one that will hide those annoying blemishes. After using Estee Lauder's infamous DW for a while now, my skin got used to it and just hated the way it transferred all the time, and after reading countless reviews of this foundation, I decided to bite the bullet and get it. It's always tricky knowing what shade you are with drugstore brands, so picking out 'True Ivory' on a whim was a good choice as it's a perfect match. I love the glass bottle design and how lightweight it is, which makes it even better for travelling, it also has a pump dispenser too which again is always fantastic for a Foundation. (Another reason why I was getting super annoyed with DW!!) This is Rimmel's first foundation that visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a  radiant glow. I have to agree. My face feels instantly fresh and looks flawless. You think foundations that claim radiant glow would be 'Omg so much shimmer' but honestly, you can hardly notice the little shimmer particles! I would say that this is a medium coverage, definitely buildable if you prefer a more full look, but I'm definitely happy with this. I apply it with my RT buffing brush which I love doing, as it gives a more polished, flawless finish. Overall, I'd say this foundation is my ultimate favourite at the moment. The price is fantastic, the natural looking effect is has is fab, the longevity is great too, claiming to last 10 hours I'd say around 8 which for me I don't have a problem with. A definite 10/10 for me and I will repurchasing again!

Now, on to another Wake Me Up product from Rimmel, the Instance Radiance Shimmer Touch in the
shade 'Radiant Rose'. This little beauty right here is a cream blusher and highlighter all in one. Gotta love multi purpose products, hey?! Seriously though. I love this. They come in two shades, the one I have and one called 'Shimmering Sand' which is more of a bronzer shimmer. The product itself are really pigmented so a little goes a long way, only a pea sized amount in my opinion is needed on each cheek. Easily blendable too, I sometimes use my fingers or the RT blush brush or buffing brush, usually a mixture of all 3. Once you've found a application method you like, go for it, whatever works for you is fine. Again, the shimmer isn't extremely full on, no your face will not be covered in sparkle and glitter, just tiny small flecks which are only noticeable in direct sunlight. I just love the pop of colour it adds, or as Rimmel say 'long lasting flush of colour'. I think this is a great product and such a handy small tube too, easy for on the go. I also love the orange lid coinciding with the foundation bottle.

I bought both these products on 3 for 2 in boots, as well as buying the new apocolips lip products, but are available pretty much anywhere, Tesco, Superdrug, Boots. And, so cheap too with the Foundation £8.99 and the Shimmer Touch £4.99!

Have you tried any of these two? What are your thoughts?
Much Love
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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I'm back... with a tag.

3 months without a blog post, so here I am jumping on the bandwagon with the facts about me tag...

1. I'm addicted to all things caffeine. Hence my blog name.
2. I don't sleep. I can go days without and survive on 3-4 hours. I've been like this since I was doing my GCSEs where I used to stay up revising,  all night...
3. I've been a vegetarian for 5 years.
4. I can't leave the house unless my brows are filled in.
5. Music is very important to me. Hip-Hop/Rap/House/Dubstep/Pop Punk/etcetc. You get the idea!
6. I hate soaps. The tv shows.
7. But, I love American tv shows such as new girl, pretty little liars, vampire diaries, etc.
8. When I moved schools at 8 years old, on the first day I put on an American accent and said I'd moved from Los Angeles. Of course, they asked my Mum at the end of the day. I have just always loved all things USA.
9. I don't like taking advice from anybody mainly because I like to figure things out for myself.
10. I have 5 brothers. 2 from my Mum and 3 from my Dad. I'm the eldest!
11. My ultimate dream is to live in NYC or London.
12. My fave food is veggie stir fry.
13. I'm a Gemini and will be turning 20 at the end of May!
14. My Nana and Grandad were still in their 30s when I was born.
15. I miss my Grandad more each day. Three years yet feels like yesterday.  He was more like my Dad x
16. My first concert was seeing Steps when I was about 8!
17. When I was really young I used to blame everything on the cat, for example; cutting half my hair off aged 5 and drawing all over myself in felt tip pens straight after a bath.
18. I keep all my train tickets.
19. Me and Jordan have been best friends for nearly 9 years! Love her, both as crazy as eachother.
20. I've had an eating disorder since I was 13, going into hospital aged 17 for 8 months saved my life, after that I became a BEAT young ambassador where I gave talks in schools, and workshops.
21. Though, I'm not a young ambassador anymore,  after deciding I wanted to focus on other things.  I still support everything they do though. Truly amazing and I met such great friends!
22. I've always been called Pixie by my uncle.
23. I'm terrible with saving money.
24. I used to have my tongue pierced.
25. I could never imagine myself having children. Ever.

The past 3 months have been such a whirlwind full of changes and hectic ness. I've been wanting to blog, but just haven't been able to! I hope you're all good. And yeah,
I feel a bit strange putting out a personal facts post but I love this idea.
Expect to see more of me soon!
Much love