Monday, 30 April 2012

Topshop Wishlist


 So I was just browsing on the Topshop website a few days ago, lusting over everything. Seriously I think I love every item, every product, just absolutely everything Topshop own and sell, I love! Anyway, these few bits and bobs I really do love...

The Lemon blazer is gorgeous, and is massively on trend with the pastel colour. I think it's such a fun, loving colour and perfect for summer. Though, even if the weather is dull and depressing you can just add this blazer to your outfit and it can instantly brighten you up. I think it'd look fab with a floral dress, the jeans and tshirt featured, even a pair of culottes and a nice top!
The denim zip bralet is something that has been on my wishlist for so long now. I was pretty gutted that I didn't snap it up straight away, I'm pretty certain that they're no longer selling these beauties now, but eBay is rather amazing if you ask me. Topshop are fab for bralets though, currently there are lots of floral ones! Love love love!

I've seen a lot of girls wearing the dip hemmed skirts and I think it's really tasteful and pretty, and super girly and I really want this pleated one. Perfect for a night out, teamed with a bralet, wedges and a biker jacket!

Really loving the peppermint 'Jamie' jeans. I don't own enough jeans. I went off jeans and just stopped wearing them for so long, I'd say like 3 years, however I've now introduced them back 
into my wardrobe and these are just perfect.
The tee is just simple, printed and just screams my name.

Been after these lipsticks for ages. 
Really love Powder Room, Coy and Clueless. I need them in my life.
And the ring, well it's pink, need I say more?

Pay day soon! I need to treat myself! :)
Much love

topshop by bekixo featuring a lip makeup

Sunday, 29 April 2012

My week through Instagram

Late night car trips - Lips - SNL-
Outfit- Food - Watching Captain America in bed - posing in 24hours fast food restaurant at 3am- kitty- Knutsford - back home in Wilmslow- Pepsi max - face - 90210- stirfry cooking- Glossybox- St. Ives face scrub- top bun- mirror pic- Glossybox contents- brew!

Happy Sunday beautifuls!
Just another week in my life, nothing that interesting I'm afraid!
Just been working, watching and catching up with my fave shows, seeing friends!

However, yesterday I deleted Instagram (by mistake!!) and now it won't let me re- install til I have money in my iTunes account, so I shall get that sorted as soon as possible! Imagine, life without Instagram?! I'd be devastated haha! Seriously, I do love it!
Am able to view pics via webstagram though :)!

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!

Instagram: bekixx

Much love

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My April Glossybox

Figs & Rogue Lip Balm
KAI Perfume Oil
Caudalie Vinosource
Inika Organic Eyeliner
Ayuuri Natural Body Wash

It seems like the Harrods Glossybox, which was last month was so so long ago, don't you think? But, here we are, it's that time of the month 
again where we receive our Glossybox.Prior to receiving this months 
I had no expectations, if anything I actually forgot about it.
This months box is yet again another limited edition box, with the theme being 'Natural Beauty' and the products coming in a biodegradable earthy looking box. I like the concept of the natural beauty, and all the products being eco friendly and natural. I've never been one to be swayed by a product with the deciding factor being whether they're natural, organic or eco friendly so I think it's nice to see what it has to offer.

1. Caudalie Vinosource
I've been desperate to try a Caudalie product since forever. I really love French skincare brands, and since Glossybox held the event with Caudalie I've been itching to delve into their products, so I was very happy about seeing this here. Basically a thirst quenching serum to be applied before moisturizer morning and evening. I can't wait to try this out!

2. Inika Cosmetics Organic Eyeliner
As said before, I've never been too fussed whether a product is organic or not, but I'm happy to try and I'm pleased it's full size too. I love eyeliner. However, this is a cocoa shade so I may just end up using it as a browliner!

3. Ayuuri Natural Bodywash
Always the dreaded product in beauty boxes, I do dislike receiving these, but I always try them all out, and I'll definitely give this a whirl. This skincare range is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts and have been used in India for a long time to enhance skin's natural beauty. It's full size too!

4. Figs and Rogue Lip balm
This was another product I was very happy to see in the box as I was actually going to purchase it a while ago! Multipurpose (yay!) which is excellent for soothing and naturally hydrating dry lips and skin! The cute girly vintage tin I just love too!

5. KAI perfume oil.
Well, there's always going to be a perfume sample too...
Handy to put in your bag when you need to freshen up. I'm never really keen on getting perfume samples, but you know I'm not that fussed!

I do like this box. Like I said, I had no expectations as to what the contents were going to be and I like the theme and the products fit well with the theme. I think every box should have a theme, it makes it more interesting I think! I don't think I'll unsub because I love receiving the boxes, the products, even the products I dislike they always end up being given to someone!

What did you think of this months box?

Much love

Friday, 27 April 2012

Top Bun And Peter Pan Collars


Hello lovelies!
Hope you're all enjoying this rainy afternoon! I tell
you, I cannot wait for this rain to clean up it's act
and for the sun to make an appearance again,
and this time please stay. Haha, oh I do wish!

Can you believe it's Friday already? The weeks are
going by super quickly, now I don't know whether
that's a good thing or not. Well, it means it's
closer to my birthday so I'll take it as a good thing.
Which, by the way is in 33 days ( I think!)
I know I know, counting down when it's
over a month away. I have a habit of this!

Just an outfit post for you today, showcasing my
dress. I love peter pan collars, and I love these
colours together, the coral and cream just go so well
together, and add the biker jacket in, and it
toughens the outfit up instantly. I mean, I love
being girly as much as the next girl, but 
not too much, if you know what I mean?
I love to have a bit of edginess, and grunge
to my outfits. And, who doesn't
love a biker jacket? Classic they are.

Also, did my hair in a top bun thanks to Lily's 
tutorial video. I thought it would be impossible
with my hair, but NO it worked a treat, and I'm
super happy because my hair is at the stage of
awkwardness where it's like oh my goodness, what
do I do with it! So, definitely going to be rocking this
hair do now. Rocking? Oh my. That was cringey!

My Glossybox came this morning too, which I'll
post about tomorrow, after work, if I am working!
Haven't worked too much this week, but will
most likely be working tomorrow, which 
is good, cause I actually love working! 

I really need to get a tripod.
I honestly do. It'll be a life saver,
when taking photo's, because it's
such a pain and they turn out rubbish,
and then I'm forced to use my iPhone... hmmm.
Tripod, definitely on my birthday wishlist.
On that topic, actually started a wishlist, which i'll put
together and post too! Oh I want so much stuff.!

Shocking what's happening in London right now on
Tottenham Court Road. Hope everything gets solved, and there is 
peace and nobody gets harmed!!

Okay okay. I'm rambling...
but before I go...

I'd really love to be able to talk to you all more,
if you have twitter follow me guys, and i'll
definitely follow you back, chat to me...etc..
And, do you have Instagram? 
If so, my username is Bekixx

:Hope you all have a fabulous Friday night!
I don't have too much planned due to the
fact that I may be working tomorrow,
so have to keep an open diary...

Much love

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Floral Love

Hey beautifuls!
Hope everyone has had a fabulous Tuesday. I promised I would get an outfit post up yesterday, but that didn't happen, I literally just spent my day off lounging about and being super lazy. I was supposed to be working today, but wasn't needed in the end, so hurray here is a much awaited outfit post. Apologies it's not shot by my camera, me being the silly girl I am didn't realise it needed charging, so it's my iPhone I'm afraid!

Just an old Topshop floral teadress, my leather jacket, brown belt, new look fringed bag and grey tights! I still love this dress, had it for so long now, but I don't think it'll ever get old!

Finally caught up with all the tv shows I missed yesterday. Felt good! Today, well I didn't go to sleep til around 7am, and woke up at 11! Oh it's fab. I've just been watching a few films, reading blogs, music and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Typical me.

It's my birthday in 36 days! Haha. I need to start thinking of a wish list to give to my Mum and other family members. Though I know a few things I want, lots of makeup, hair stuff and everything from Zara please oh and a trip to NYC please. Ah, the last bit I do wish, really do.
 I want to save up to go. That'd be amazing!

I'm rambling on with myself, so I'll stop :)
Have a fab night!
Much love

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My week through Instagram

Cherishing a brew after 2 days without- Being lazy- Faves- Did my nails to cheer myself up - soup- me feeling and looking ill- outfit- caffeine- coffee- more caffeine- Miserable day- Bath time- Work morning need energy- getting ready- face - work- love this song - playing with lighters due to boredom- bored crazy face- work is dead- me at work- oh surprise energy drinks- hair is curly after being in a bun

My week has been caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine. 
You know how I love my caffeine! Too much.
Just finished work over an hour ago, was so tired when I got in but having some of my kick, cause I need to stay awake, falling asleep now wouldn't be great. Though my sleep is non existent and always is!Can't believe it's Sunday though. It doesn't feel like its even been a weekend at all. Got so much to catch up on, just haven't got round to doing it, but with my day off
 tomorrow I can then! Need to buy some bits too! 
More micellar water, as I'm running out of it fast. It's amazing!
Hope you've all had a fab day and a great weekend!

Much love

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Portrait

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday! Hope you're all enjoying and having a fab weekend. Firstly, I apologise for the recent lack of posts. I really want to post but I've been working and just generally been a bit tied up. I'm working tomorrow too, day off on Monday and then back on Tuesday. So, expect my round up of Instagram posts tomorrow evening and then Monday I shall get an outfit post up!

I am enjoying working at the coffee shop though, it's busy and fast paced and I love that. Everyone just gets on so well, and yeah, it's just a really nice atmosphere to be in. I am so tired though. Me, tired? 
Wow. That's a first. I think in the past 2 weeks I've had around 2-3 days worth of sleep. 
Me and sleep just don't go well together.Hopefully, working these hours will kick start a
 proper, normal sleeping pattern. I hope.

I think tonight I'm just going to relax, get a bath, listen to music and catch up 
on my fave tv shows (thank god for tvlinks!) and then sleep!

Oh, and Saturday portrait...
Every Saturday I'm thinking yup!

Much love

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Under Your Spell

Hey beautifuls! Hope you're all having a fabulous Wednesday! Wednesday's are always a icky
day, being in the middle, but then not so far from the weekend, which we all love :)!

Just wearing a old season Primark nautical inspired dress, which I still love and still wear ALL the time. Just a go to dress really for me. I usually pair it with leggings, or tights like I have done today.
I am also wearing my new leather jacket, yay! So happy I've finally got another one, 
they're just a wardrobe staple,  and can be worn with absolutely anything!
I just nipped into work today to find out when my hours are,can't wait to get into it and serve some lattes. My trial shift last week went fabulously and I get along so amazingly
with all the staff, and already know a few others so I really think
I'm going to enjoy working there, and I am surrounded by my favourite
thing ever, caffeine... How could I  ever dislike it?!

Bright pink lippy has been my go to lip wear this past week. I honestly can't get enough of it.
Mac Snob/Saint Germain will forever be my number ones.
Really want to get my hands on the Topshop 'Clueless' and 'Coy'
after hearing lots about it and seeing so many swatches it is definitely
something that I go for, and I love Topshop Makeup so I can't say no really.

After work I went into Tesco and got suckered by the buy 3 for £1
on the energy drinks, so of course I bought them ;) I love them, I just can't help myself!

Needing a shopping spree sometime soon. Need to hit up Trafford Centre or town I think,
and buy some much needed items from Topshop, H&M, AA and everywhere else!

I'm rambling, so I shall leave you now! Have a fabulous evening.
Much love

Monday, 16 April 2012

Missguided Current Favourites

Freya Sequin Detail Long Sleeved Blouse - £24.99  =Essie Tropical Print Summer Dress £22.99
Dennil Striped Panel Denim Shorts -Allexa Sheer Studded Collar Vest Blouse
Estee Striped Skinny Jeans £32.99- Dorema Nautical Sleeveless Shirt Dress £24.99
Norema T Bar Suede Platform Shoes £35.99 -Karoll Striped Cropped Tux Blazer £24.99
Nallet Suede Contrast Sole Loafers £24.99

I love Missguided. I remember stumbling across their site around 3 years ago and since then, I've been obsessed! For those who're unaware of Missguided, They're a online women's store. They're on trend with all the key catwalk looks and have celeb inspired outfit looks, which is fab if you're after a lookalike celeb style! Their prices are incredibly affordable too, which is another reason why I keep coming back to them. They're also based in Manchester too, which for a Mancunian like me is great news, big love from me! Last week they showcased their new collections at the first ever Manchester Fashion Week, which I missed out in, would have loved to attended! But, from seeing all the photos and videos it definitely proved to be a major success, definitely more mcr fashion weeks I hope! The show schedule was Prints, New Nautical, Colour Pop, Festival Grunge and lastly Glam Disco. Definitely would have loved to been at Prints and Festival Grunge, well all of them were amazing, but those two categories I love the sound of.Anyway, here are a few picks from their 'New In' that has been added to their website. I really am loving the sequin detailed blouse. I'd definitely wear them with the shorts featured, not the studded ones but the striped panel ones. Loving the pastel pink striped jeans as well, these are bang in trend and can be dressed up with wedges or heels or worn casually with brogues, loafers or with the Barsie Suede Bar Front Slipper Shoes or Helda Studded Shoes. I love both of those too. I would team the Nautical shirt dress with the featured 'Karoll' striped cropped blazer and the T bar suede platform shoes for a casual yet dressed up look at the same time. Really I could order everything on their site at the moment. Hurry up pay day!

Much love

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My week through Instagram

Sun shining - Graze box - Etat Pur delivery - Me worn out on the floor through working out, practically dead ha - Pepsi max after my successful interview - lipstick stains on my latte -mememe -
 Jordan brought me back some strong alcohol from Cape Town
- needed energy! Granola, yoghurt and apple - pre drinking with my new work mates before we went Manchester - hungover with Pepsi max -watching Jane Eyre with Jordan - myself !

Well actually this week has been great! I am now broke, which isn't fab at all, but I've had a great week. Starting a new job, worked on Friday met everyone and then we all had a spontaneous night out in town which was great, from what I can remember! Today and yesterday I've just spent with Jordan watching films mostly. I now need to save up so I can buy some beauty goodies I've had my eye on for a good while!

Hope you've had a fab weekend!
Much love

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Etat Pur Skincare


Etat Pur is a fairly new French skincare brand, which I have already fallen completely in love with. Is it possible to fall in love with skincare? Yup!
The brand itself are actually developed by the Bioderma/ Institut
 Esthederm Group, pretty cool right? I actually came across the brand
 whilst searching for Micellar cleansers online, and I'm glad I did! I was also incredibly impressed that with every order on their website you relieve 3 free samples(always, not just a one off!) and with your very first order you receive free delivery too! Wow! And, their products are priced perfectly. 
Their products are amazing yet fraction of what you'd normally pay. 
I think with Etat Pur, what you see is what you get. 
No false advertisements, no A lister endorsing their products on the back
 of every magazine. It's so refreshing. Etat Pur have two ranges. 
The 'Actives' and 'Biomimetic Skincare' The active range (A) are products 
that are targeted at treatments depending on your skin problem, whether it be ageing concerns, imperfections and blemishes or hyper pigmentation and more. The Actives are just droppers, and apply 1-4 drops onto your face. I'm actually looking forward to purchase the Salicylic Acid 70 which is recommended for skin blemishes.

The B range is more of the cleansers, moisturisers, the essential daily skincare routine products. I actually purchased the Micellar cleansing water and received 3 samples which were, B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid, B23 Melting Moisturizing Cream and a tiny sample (which will be perfect for travel) of the Micellar water! I'm really enjoying using the Micellar water, after reading fab reviews on all brands of Micellar water I had to purchase some. It is just so easy and effortless to remove your make up. It just melts off after a few drops of the water on a cotton pad. It couldn't be simpler. The two creams I received too are both equally as good, specifically the oil quenching fluid, which reminds of the Clarins hydra quench cooling gel! So far, I'm loving it and I am eager to order some products from the active range. 
Has anyone tried Etat Pur? What are your thoughts?
If you haven't, I think you should check out their website
(try not to be defeated by the confusing navigation, it got me at first!)
For free delivery and 3 complimentary samples it's definitely worth looking at!

Much Love

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation

Hey cuties!
My Nana is a Avon rep and I always have a gander through the brochure. I think a lot of people don't think twice about Avon, but it's actually a really great brand, and this foundation is evident of that!
When you first look at it, you'd mistake it for a bottle of Chanel Perfection Lumiere thanks to the luxury glass bottle with the black cap. I don't know about you, and I know this isn't a good but when it comes to makeup I judge it by how it looks. If the packaging looks cheap or tacky or just boring, 
then I automatically think the product will be the same.
The foundation itself is a creamy smooth texture, and I find it so easy to apply be it with a foundation brush or hands! It effortlessly glides on your face. The coverage is second to none. It's just incredible. The imperfections I have on my face just magically face away when I apply this, 
which is every girls dream! I do wear this over primer 
though, or sometimes a mattifier, and of course concealer.
The thing I love about this foundation is that it's so cheap with it being £12 for the 30ml bottle. How amazing is that? Well worth the price I say. Also, Alesha Dixon is the face of this foundation and her skin is literally flawless and she's a beauty! There are also a plethora of shades to be able to choose from, 16 in total, catering for all skin shades, which I think is brilliant! I myself am a 'Nude' shade. I apply with a foundation brush or my hands. I can't rate this enough. Amazing!

Oh, and some great news.
I am now a coffee barista!
Perfect job for a coffee lover like myself.

Much love

Monday, 9 April 2012

My week in photos

- Pink leggings, pink slippers, pink duvet! -Cleanse, tone, moisturize!
- Outfit -My brother prefers my telly it seems
-Outfit again -Glamour and my fave, Pepsi max
-My face. -Me and my Grandad when I was younger
-Avon ideal flawless foundation! -Legs & red coat
-Posing with no makeup on -New dress!
-Finding old photos. My mum as a baby and toddler with my Nana.
-Going to sleep at 6am... -Cosmo, oh Kim you're flawless.
-Energy drinks always.

So, firstly I've not kept on top with these weekly Instagram updates, mainly because sometimes my week is so mediocre and boring. Also, I do forget! And, I never know what to name it. Instagram? 
My week? My week in photo's? I don't know!
And yes, it is Monday night now, but here has 
been my past week, slightly boring...

                            There is my week. Not all that fun.
Sometimes, I just forget to be snap happy, I need to start taking more!

Last night I went out, and wore a dress I completely forget about and now I've rekindled my love for it. It's amazing what gems you can find at the back of your wardrobe. It's a black lace dress. 
I shall have to wear it again soon & showcase it for you guys.

Hope you've had a nice bank holiday Monday.
Much love

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick Fiesta Flush

Hey beautifuls!
Happy Easter, I hope you've all had
a nice chocolate eating day!
Today I have a lipstick review for you? which I received in a giveaway. Previous to winning it I had never heard of the ColourSensational line, and I did a bit of googling and I think now it's more than likely been discontinued or maybe was just available in the US? I'm not 100% certain. If anyone knows let me know! Either way, to repurchase I'd have to do it online, which I am happy to do so!

This is a shade darker than I'd usually go for. My lipstick colours I prefer are light pink, think MAC saint germain! Or Snob! So, when I received this I was a bit wary as whether I would wear it and whether it would just be in a box, unused forever(bit dramatic!) but, you get the idea! 
However, as you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised!
It's such a wearable colour, day or night, isn't too dark as it seemed!
I actually really love it. And, so does my Mum as she 
took it out with her last night!

I'm going to have a search for current lipsticks 
that match this shade as well though.
Currently waiting for a lot of stuff to arrive in the post. Yay love post.
I'll also do my Instagram post later on as well, or tomorrow.

Much love