Friday, 27 April 2012

Top Bun And Peter Pan Collars


Hello lovelies!
Hope you're all enjoying this rainy afternoon! I tell
you, I cannot wait for this rain to clean up it's act
and for the sun to make an appearance again,
and this time please stay. Haha, oh I do wish!

Can you believe it's Friday already? The weeks are
going by super quickly, now I don't know whether
that's a good thing or not. Well, it means it's
closer to my birthday so I'll take it as a good thing.
Which, by the way is in 33 days ( I think!)
I know I know, counting down when it's
over a month away. I have a habit of this!

Just an outfit post for you today, showcasing my
dress. I love peter pan collars, and I love these
colours together, the coral and cream just go so well
together, and add the biker jacket in, and it
toughens the outfit up instantly. I mean, I love
being girly as much as the next girl, but 
not too much, if you know what I mean?
I love to have a bit of edginess, and grunge
to my outfits. And, who doesn't
love a biker jacket? Classic they are.

Also, did my hair in a top bun thanks to Lily's 
tutorial video. I thought it would be impossible
with my hair, but NO it worked a treat, and I'm
super happy because my hair is at the stage of
awkwardness where it's like oh my goodness, what
do I do with it! So, definitely going to be rocking this
hair do now. Rocking? Oh my. That was cringey!

My Glossybox came this morning too, which I'll
post about tomorrow, after work, if I am working!
Haven't worked too much this week, but will
most likely be working tomorrow, which 
is good, cause I actually love working! 

I really need to get a tripod.
I honestly do. It'll be a life saver,
when taking photo's, because it's
such a pain and they turn out rubbish,
and then I'm forced to use my iPhone... hmmm.
Tripod, definitely on my birthday wishlist.
On that topic, actually started a wishlist, which i'll put
together and post too! Oh I want so much stuff.!

Shocking what's happening in London right now on
Tottenham Court Road. Hope everything gets solved, and there is 
peace and nobody gets harmed!!

Okay okay. I'm rambling...
but before I go...

I'd really love to be able to talk to you all more,
if you have twitter follow me guys, and i'll
definitely follow you back, chat to me...etc..
And, do you have Instagram? 
If so, my username is Bekixx

:Hope you all have a fabulous Friday night!
I don't have too much planned due to the
fact that I may be working tomorrow,
so have to keep an open diary...

Much love

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