Thursday, 12 April 2012

Etat Pur Skincare


Etat Pur is a fairly new French skincare brand, which I have already fallen completely in love with. Is it possible to fall in love with skincare? Yup!
The brand itself are actually developed by the Bioderma/ Institut
 Esthederm Group, pretty cool right? I actually came across the brand
 whilst searching for Micellar cleansers online, and I'm glad I did! I was also incredibly impressed that with every order on their website you relieve 3 free samples(always, not just a one off!) and with your very first order you receive free delivery too! Wow! And, their products are priced perfectly. 
Their products are amazing yet fraction of what you'd normally pay. 
I think with Etat Pur, what you see is what you get. 
No false advertisements, no A lister endorsing their products on the back
 of every magazine. It's so refreshing. Etat Pur have two ranges. 
The 'Actives' and 'Biomimetic Skincare' The active range (A) are products 
that are targeted at treatments depending on your skin problem, whether it be ageing concerns, imperfections and blemishes or hyper pigmentation and more. The Actives are just droppers, and apply 1-4 drops onto your face. I'm actually looking forward to purchase the Salicylic Acid 70 which is recommended for skin blemishes.

The B range is more of the cleansers, moisturisers, the essential daily skincare routine products. I actually purchased the Micellar cleansing water and received 3 samples which were, B20 Oil Free Quenching Fluid, B23 Melting Moisturizing Cream and a tiny sample (which will be perfect for travel) of the Micellar water! I'm really enjoying using the Micellar water, after reading fab reviews on all brands of Micellar water I had to purchase some. It is just so easy and effortless to remove your make up. It just melts off after a few drops of the water on a cotton pad. It couldn't be simpler. The two creams I received too are both equally as good, specifically the oil quenching fluid, which reminds of the Clarins hydra quench cooling gel! So far, I'm loving it and I am eager to order some products from the active range. 
Has anyone tried Etat Pur? What are your thoughts?
If you haven't, I think you should check out their website
(try not to be defeated by the confusing navigation, it got me at first!)
For free delivery and 3 complimentary samples it's definitely worth looking at!

Much Love

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