Monday, 30 April 2012

Topshop Wishlist


 So I was just browsing on the Topshop website a few days ago, lusting over everything. Seriously I think I love every item, every product, just absolutely everything Topshop own and sell, I love! Anyway, these few bits and bobs I really do love...

The Lemon blazer is gorgeous, and is massively on trend with the pastel colour. I think it's such a fun, loving colour and perfect for summer. Though, even if the weather is dull and depressing you can just add this blazer to your outfit and it can instantly brighten you up. I think it'd look fab with a floral dress, the jeans and tshirt featured, even a pair of culottes and a nice top!
The denim zip bralet is something that has been on my wishlist for so long now. I was pretty gutted that I didn't snap it up straight away, I'm pretty certain that they're no longer selling these beauties now, but eBay is rather amazing if you ask me. Topshop are fab for bralets though, currently there are lots of floral ones! Love love love!

I've seen a lot of girls wearing the dip hemmed skirts and I think it's really tasteful and pretty, and super girly and I really want this pleated one. Perfect for a night out, teamed with a bralet, wedges and a biker jacket!

Really loving the peppermint 'Jamie' jeans. I don't own enough jeans. I went off jeans and just stopped wearing them for so long, I'd say like 3 years, however I've now introduced them back 
into my wardrobe and these are just perfect.
The tee is just simple, printed and just screams my name.

Been after these lipsticks for ages. 
Really love Powder Room, Coy and Clueless. I need them in my life.
And the ring, well it's pink, need I say more?

Pay day soon! I need to treat myself! :)
Much love

topshop by bekixo featuring a lip makeup


  1. Love the lemon blazer! thanks for commenting my blog :)

  2. That skirt...those jeans...the tshirt...I want everything!xxx

  3. I like everything you chosen. The yellow blazer is so nice! x

  4. I love that blazer, isn't the colour so perfect? xxx

  5. powder room is a really good lipstick btw! so easy and creamy to apply!
    i love the american flag top :) x