Sunday, 22 April 2012

My week through Instagram

Cherishing a brew after 2 days without- Being lazy- Faves- Did my nails to cheer myself up - soup- me feeling and looking ill- outfit- caffeine- coffee- more caffeine- Miserable day- Bath time- Work morning need energy- getting ready- face - work- love this song - playing with lighters due to boredom- bored crazy face- work is dead- me at work- oh surprise energy drinks- hair is curly after being in a bun

My week has been caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine. 
You know how I love my caffeine! Too much.
Just finished work over an hour ago, was so tired when I got in but having some of my kick, cause I need to stay awake, falling asleep now wouldn't be great. Though my sleep is non existent and always is!Can't believe it's Sunday though. It doesn't feel like its even been a weekend at all. Got so much to catch up on, just haven't got round to doing it, but with my day off
 tomorrow I can then! Need to buy some bits too! 
More micellar water, as I'm running out of it fast. It's amazing!
Hope you've all had a fab day and a great weekend!

Much love

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