Tuesday, 13 March 2012

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

So I bought this last week on a whim, when I purchased the 
Vo5 miracle oil! This is my first BB cream I've bought- after all the hype and the trend amongst bloggers! I was so undecided on which cream is best for me, which is why I just picked this one up at Tesco, for £8.99 I think! And the beauty aisle isn't all that great in Tesco! I couldn't find any other BB creams bar this one! Was searching for the Garnier one at first, as that's the one I've heard lots about. But, no luck, hence this!I picked it up in the Medium
 skin tone shade. However slightly thinking maybe
 I should have gone for Fair!This particular cream helps to recreate the texture and glow of perfect nudelooking skin. As well as as being a feather light hydrator which transforms on the skin releasing smart pigmentation capsules that claims to correct skin tone, cover imperfections and refine skin texture! Wow. It also promises 24 hour hydration and SPF 12. 

My thoughts when I first used it were mixed. I wasn't expecting the 
actual cream to be white with purple pearls, I expected a nude cream! Silly me!In my opinion it's too runny. And it's really quite orangey. Maybe it's because I went for the medium tone?Obviously it transforms on skin but for me, it's not right for me. I kept it on and put on my usual make up and well I felt it made my face look too pinky/orange. As for coverage, non existent! My imperfections were still very visible! I wanted to be able to wear this alone with a bit of blush, but sadly no I can't! I honestly really wanted to like this product.

I really want to try/ find some more that will suit me! I'm thinking about trying out the Estée Lauder one as 
I find their products really suit my skin.
What BB creams do you recommend if you use them?
 Please send me recommendations!


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