Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hello Spring

Hey beauties, just a quick post today.
I forgot all about this Topshop blazer. I'm always doing this, buy stuff and they get lost/not worn and then I re discover it with no recollection of purchasing it! Oops! My top is from Topshop too, and leggings are River Island, I think!My camera isn't charged so sorry for rubbish iPhone quality. (my camera hates me!)

I met up with Jordan last night and just drove around for a bit, catching up, then stayed at hers. Waited Til 1am to watch the Pretty Little Liars season finale, as it was A day! I love the show. Disappointed with the finale though! Hurry up June 5th for Season 3!! Anyone else watch it? I love Aria, well Lucy Hale in general, she's so pretty!

I used some of Jordan's make up. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and the Chanel loose powder. It's amazing. Now, well I still am stuck and confused what foundation to purchase! Hmm! Decisions decisions. I now have around 6 to choose from.

Oh and my Crest 3D whitening strips came today as well :) 
so popular on the blogger world, as it's where I heard about them.

Can't wait for the clocks to go forward at the weekend! 
Spring is here. I love this time of year!

Hope you all have a fab night!
Rebekah xoxo


  1. great outfit and i love the blazer :) it's so chic!
    you have the same name as me :D so funny! :))
    lovely blog you have here, dear!



    1. thanks lovely :-) ooooo we do! best name ever, right? ;)ahhhh how nice thank you!
      as is yours, I love it! Makes me miss Germany though!


  2. This is a beautiful blazer :)
    I love your blog background

    Shannen Xx