Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cracked Mosaic Nail Effect

  Hey Lovelies, hope you have all had a lovely day today, it's been fairly milder today in comparison to how it has been, I wasn't wearing shorts so definitely colder, though I'm always cold so I don't know! 
Still lovely weather though :)

So, I worked out that it's 8 weeks til my birthday. Yeah, not soon, but not far off either. It comes around so quick. The big 19 is approaching. One more year of enjoying being a teenager.
 Oh my! Anyway, on to the nails...

I ordered these from Avon a while ago, as I'm really digging (did I just say digging?! Wow!) um but yes, really digging the whole cracked/shattered/mosaic nail art effect. Looks amazing. My attempt is rubbish though! Easy to apply though. In this case, you just apply the nail polish (the pink one!) first, I put two coats on as one is definitely not enough. Then, after apply the mosaic effect top coat, and 
it just starts to work it's magic and voila...cracks!
My attempt is pretty abysmal though. Really need to try and get the hang of it. To be honest, Nail Art has always been something that I didn't dig to deep into, yes I always paint my nails, but never experimented, til now! Really loving polkadots, stripes, nailwraps. Really want some OPI polishes, WAH nail art pen, more wraps! Something I'm definitely venturing into and experimenting more!

Recommendations for nailwraps, polishes brands?
 I like nails inc but heard fab stuff about essie!

I need to make a cuppa and relax!
My abs and core are hurting so much as started working out more, 
which is fab, hurting means it's working! Operation plan to get fit!

Much love
Rebekah xoxo

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