Thursday, 15 March 2012

What's inside my handbag?

I've seen these style of posts whizzing around across the blogger community, and I do love these types of posts, who doesn't like to be nosey? So, I thought okay I'll do one myself! Granted mine is not that interesting but oh well, here we are! The bag itself I 
got for Christmas from M&S. I love it. 
One of my favourite bags! The heart keyring I got from a 
perfume/body care gift set. I love tan coloured bags!

Anyway, the contents inside.

- Two perfumes which I don't use. Actually I use the one on the left, is from Avon but not the other one, it's from a Sex and the city gift set which I received and the smell is too musky and I don't know, feels all oldy worldly.
- Headband. Forever losing them
- Two hand products. Dr Bronner lavender sanitizer that I got in a Glossybox. And, a L'occitane hand cream.
- Make up bag.
- Passport and bits of paper.
You never know when you might need your passport haha.
- My iPhone and the cute kitty phone cover! Headphones
- My purse. Bursting. Not with money though.
- LancĂ´me Juicy tubes and Vaseline.
Handbag essential!
- Cath Kidston note book and pen!
And, normally there would be a Pepsi Max in there! 
Haven't had one today though! So there's my boring bag.

Except for this. My purse is full of my train tickets. This is just a few of them. I honestly have no idea why I don't chuck them away. It's a weird thing. 

I was up all night watching Saturday Night Live episodes. Consuming too much caffeine as usual, up Til silly o'clock. Like, 7 am!!!! I love SNL though. So funny! And when it's late/early and I'm trying not to laugh and howl it's quite hard not to!

Hope everyone's had a fab Thursday!

Rebekah xoxo

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