Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week in photos #2

1. Receiving my Harrods Glossybox on Monday 2. My contents :)

3. Lips  4. Rediscovering my Lancôme juicy the lipgloss.

5. Luv ya Quorn. 6. Energy drinks at like 1am in bed. Bad idea.
7. Sandwich :) 8. ~posing~

9. Making cards 10. Rubbish card l o l

11. SNL 12. Sweeties!

13. En route to appointments taking pics of fields...
14. Costa Gingerbread Latte!

15. Bits & bobs. 16. Pepsi Max, my fave.

17. Trying out the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I love it. And now I want to purchase it!
18. Nana's cards
19. Cute card. I want it.
20. Me. No more blonde!

I've had a pretty average week really, finally got rid of the blonde from my hair and had a few appointments to attend to and just a general normal week really. This week should be good going to Yogberries with Dani, another appointment and then more than likely end up buying stuff I don't need from Boots! I really do need to buy some bits and bobs though, skincare and makeup. Forever wanting too much stuff!

Anyway, hope you've all had a lovely mothers day :)

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