Monday, 13 February 2012

Nails, Grammys & life.

Okay, so a post about my experience with the nail rock nail wraps
OH MY GOD. I found it too difficult for myself.
It ended up going TOTALLY wrong & just incredibly disastrous.
I make the simplest things rather difficult it seems!
I don't know, it'd probably be better if someone else
did it for me, and not attempt to get it so perfect
first time around. I'll try them again, because they are
really nice designs, but I'll just refrain from doing them myself!
I don't know, they just wouldn't stick down, and even following
the instructions. Seemed rather flimsy. I'm just incapable of
doing anything I guess! Though, in the photo below, it looks
like they're on and they look good. But, believe me,
they weren't. UGH.
Took them off straight after and painted my nails
spots & stripes :)

I watched the Grammys live stream last night/this morning.
And, wow... is all I can say.
Katy Perry on the red carpet
was absolutely breathtaking.
So so beautiful.
I know, a lot of people are not a fan
of her blue hair, but I really love it
on her. It really brings out
her sparkling eyes. Like, seriously,
she just sparkles.
And the dress she wore. The magnificent
sky hued Elie Saab couture gown, amazing
Norman Silverman diamond earrings,
just completed the glitz
and glamour look she was going for!
She is perfect. And, for me,
by far the best dressed.

Rihanna also looked incredible!
At first, I wasn't too keen
on the new blonde hair,
but I think I'm coming round to it 
a bit now. She did look gorgeous
though in a plunging Giorgio Armani
black dress.

Adele though,
British girl, normal down to earth,
left with all 6 Grammys
she was nominated for.
And, her reaction, just,
so sincere, and amazing.
She is beautiful.
And, people still slating
her 'cause of her weight.
Seriously? Grow up.
She is incredibly talented
and her performance last night
was breathtaking.
She ALSO looked so beautiful
in a sheer polka dot black gown.
Such a beauty.

Nicki Minaj.
I love her. I do.
But, she's starting to get on
my nerves. Out to shock
and get attention,
when it's really
not necessary.
I don't know.
I just think, she doesn't need the
shock factor in her outfits,
just think she is trying
far too hard when she 
doesn't have to.

And, of course, the tributes for the late
Whitney Houston. Oh, I thought Jennifer Hudson
was incredible singing
'I will always love you', she is beautiful,
and thought it was a perfect tribute, 
towards Whitney.
Such a shame, such a tragedy.
I'm not going to pretend that I listened to her
music religiously, but I did grow up
listening to her, and I associate
certain of her songs,
to different events, and some
with a smile, some with a tear.
She was incredible though.
And, I can listen to her songs,
all of them, and not be bored of them.
Just amazing.
People commenting on her death, saying
it's her own fault, drugs, this
that & the other. You know,
it's not really our place or our
business to even comment,
it is what it is.
And, unfortunately she died.
Just let the poor soul
rest in peace. 



  1. I can't get those nail wraps to work's not just you. They just won't stay on my nails! xxx

  2. I had some really cute nail wraps and yes, they can be difficult :)
    I used the Sephora ones.
    I caught some of the Grammys not all, but loved all you wrote and agree completely :)

  3. Love your scrabble ring pretty :)

    love Georgie from Jimmy and his girl