Thursday, 9 February 2012

My favourite must haves

001. L'Occataine hand cream/
 Limited Edition Cocoa Flower.

I just adore this. My hands are always incredibly soft due
 to this wonderful product!  So yes, there you go, my secret, to 
smooth, soft hands is  this!  I want to buy all the 
limited edition ones, but this one caught my eye. 
I do want to buy the 'Desert Rose' one too as well though.
 Only £.7.50 as well!
002. Planet Spa Shea Butter
Face Mask.

This is definitely one of my favorite must haves.
So cheap as well. I love AVON. Have some really
good buys in there, at really good prices.
But this product, I use straight after
I've cleansed & toned, and
it leaves my face feeling super 
soft and incredibly smooth,
and completely nourished.
I can't rate this enough.

003. LUSH Rehab Shampoo.
Okay, so this is my absolute all time
favourite shampoo. It really is amazing.
My hair is so damaged due to
too much bleaching, and hair dyes,
and not to mention to many when
I run the straighteners through it!
This shampoo is basically 'rehab' for your
hair, and bringing it back 
to it's healthy ways, with
all the added amazing
ingredients included.

004. LUSH Retread Conditioner.
So, after you've used REHAB, you follow
on, and use this as the conditioner,
if your hair is incredibly neglected
& damaged. And, this product,
again is just fantastic.
This is a pit stop
for your hair, your hair
needs to be looked after,
just as much as everything
else, and RETREAD promises
to fuel your hair 
back to health
and luscious nourishment
with all the added ingredients.
I've been using REHAB and
RETREAD for just nearly a year
now, and already, a noticeable difference,
even after I was using it for one week.
My hair was noticeably softer, thicker, wasn't
breaking. Just amazing.
If you think your hair needs
a good treatment, then I highly
recommend buying these shampoo and
condition, and having a pamper session.

005. Eyelure Brow Palette.
I love this brow palette.
So simple and easy to apply
& only a tenner!
Comes with brow
stencils and a dual
ended brush.
As well, as a 
highlighter and wax.
I use this alongside my Rimmel
brow pencil, and my SLEEK brow kit.
I have a lot of brow stuff in my make up
bag, and still yet to buy the BENEFIT
Brows a go go.
Definitely going to have to
buy that soon I think!

006. Nina Ricci Le Paradis

A present off my best friend this was.
And, I love this smell.
So flowery and girly.
Always carry it in my handbag
with me, just a really pretty bottle
too, and a lovely smell :)
007. EYEKO Fat Eye Stick

I love love love this product.
It's amazing, and I've already
spoke about it when I
revived the CARMINE box,
but seriously, it's such a good
shadow and liner,
and by far the BEST I've ever come
across. I love it.
And you have to get one!

008. Vaseline Rosy Lips.

You can never, ever go wrong
without this handbag staple,
that is Vaseline.
Everyone should always
carry this with them,
I do, as I am prone to chapped
lips, and the 'Rosy Lips'
version is such a girly and cute
one, the little tins, are super cute
also.  The rosy lips one,
adds tint to your lips.

009. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express
Mascara Black.

Up to 3x more visible lashes INSTANTLY
 and creates a false lash effect, without having
to use false lashes! Fabulous.
I've always had a soft spot
for all of Maybelline's mascaras,
and always try out their new
ones, as they have never
let me down with them.
Same goes for their Falsies.
I love it, and for me, a girl
who is so rubbish
at applying false lashes ( I know! silly)
this works incredibly well for me,
and I love big lashes, so I really
really do love this.

010. Simple Face Wipes.

You actually can't go wrong with the
brand Simple, they do some great
moisturizers and cleansers,
and their face wipes, which
are cleansing ones, are just something
that I always carry with me.
Especially when my make up
likes to mess up ( always),
easy to just whip out my bag,
and clean...
Easy and perfect!

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