Tuesday, 21 February 2012

EDAW 2012

Fastly approaching day 3 of EDAW 2012. For those of you who're unaware what EDAW stands for,
it is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The theme of this year's campaign is
 'Break the silence, beat eating disorders'. Research and studys from BEAT, shows that 
over half of sufferers didn't tell ANYONE about
their Eating Disorder. Speak out, stand up, raise your voice, break the silence.
This has to stop, we need to break the silence surrounding Eating Disorders.
The more people talk about Eating Disorders in an understanding way,
the more likely that it will have an impact and more sufferers
will come forward and reach out for support. 
There's so much stigma and myths attached
to ED's. The myths being ED's are
just a diet gone wrong, a act of attention seeking,
vanity. This is NOT true. And couldn't be more further
than the truth. They're serious, life threatening, fatal,
mental illnesses, that require specialist treatment
and therapy. Early intervention is best,
the better the chance of a full recovery. People
who are suffering, YOU all DESERVE
the chance to be happy, healthy and
a life free from an ED.

Based on a survey conducted by BEAT, the results
of which are shocking.

87% of sufferers did not contact a healthcare professional when they first realised they had a problem.
65% waited for more than 6 months before confiding in someone.
87% of those we surveyed didn't contact a healthcare professional when
they first realized they had a problem.
No-one should ever have to face an Eating Disorder, even just having just one
person they can confine in, is better than living with their own mind,
which, for someone with an ED is excruciating, hellish, soul destroying,
and you can't be any more alone than you are.

This is obviously a topic close to my heart,
as I am a Beat Young Ambassador.
I love it. I've done a lot of stuff
already, such as going into schools
and educating them on EDs.
As well, as lots of other
AMAZING stuff. I spent
Saturday in London, at another
training day, getting lost
in Shoreditch, and looking
like a lost soul is just fab,
and don't get me started
on the northern line being
closed :( Was not great haha.
But yes, London, I love it.
And, now I'm rambling, but...

It's such a
great thing, the ambassador scheme.
I've met SO many amazing
people, and one of my closest friends,
at the moment. Which, brings me onto.
The campaign which I am SO
privileged to be apart of, with
the gorgeous Hannah Rushbrooke
and Sophie Lowe.

Check us out!
Or, our twitter 
Do it do it do it :)

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