Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day tattoo

So, today was the day of my tattoo,
and I was SO nervous beforehand,
with it being my first, and having
heard so many different
views on what to expect. Now, I'm 
really, really okay with pain
but was like 'ahhhh'
the case of the unknown, like
what was it going to feel like? Would
it really hurt that much? etc. You know,
all the questions, any 
first timer would ask.
I was rushing this morning, woke up late,
missed my doctors appointment! Silly me!
Didn't sleep well though, but dragged myself out of
bed, and rushed for the train, and ran into
boots for a Redbull for sugar, didn't want
to faint getting this done now, did I?
The guy, Jeff, so lovely,
Adam was tattooing someone else, and they were
all just chatting manly stuff, about
girlfriends, valentines day, cheating,
and some disgusting stuff.
I'm there, like laughing along.
Got onto the chair, put the placement for
it on my wrist,
lay down, and was texting people
whilst getting it done.
It didn't hurt at first, and then when he started
to do the envelope it really
got so irritating, like it hurt,
but it didn't. If that makes sense.
I liked it.
It took about 25 minutes.
They were all like,
'You did fucking brill 
for your first one'
I want more.
I loved it.
Planning more to add onto this
design. I can't wait.
My Nana approves, and
seeing as this
is for my Grandad, I'm glad,
she said 'He'd be proud'
Bless her.
I mean, for my first one,
I wanted something that
meant something.
And, it does, so :)

Valentines Day as well.
Really couldn't care less about
this day if I'm honest.
Just any normal day.
I guess I'm just biased
because I'm not in a relationship,
but, I don't see why a day 
should make you do 
something extra special
or whatever, like, make 
every day extra special.
I don't know. Just my thoughts.
I'll just associate Valentines Day
with the day I got my first ever tattoo :)
Though, if someone bought me
pink champagne, chocolates, and cute
things, that'd be nice too.

Now, I'm going to make another
brew, and finish watching the film, I was
watching, which very fittingly, is Valentines Day.
Haha, Oh I am so contradicting. 


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