Saturday, 11 February 2012


Woke up this morning to a post from the fabulous 
Jimmy and his girl.
Been wanting this ring for so long now,
and bought it off their boutique on
ASOS Marketplace! And at only
 £2.50. I couldn't not buy it really!

I booked my tattoo yesterday!  £70 well spent!
I'm getting it done on Tuesday, which is also 
Valentines Day, not that I care!
But, I can't wait. SO excited!!!!
The tattooist, Adam is loveeeeely
and... well, rather gorgeous! Haha.

I also nipped out today, just quick
trip to Tesco & Outfit, where
I got a top from the Topshop
section, some slippers, some Nailrock
nail wraps, which I shall
try out later tonight, or
tomorrow and do a post about :)

It doesn't even feel like a Saturday night at all!
I have the worst headache ever :(
So think, it's just a film night for me.


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