Sunday, 26 August 2012

celeb style inspiration | jessica alba

Jessica Alba is definitely my new celeb style crush of the moment. I've never really looked at her in terms of a style icon, which now I find mad, because she dresses amazingly. Thanks to the Daily Mail (for once!) for always having stories on her, running errands in her so effortlessly chic outfits. 
I love all the colour, the detailing and the prints. The first outfit is my absoloute favourite of them all, it's so simple yet so stylish. The two toned jeans and floral blazer make a bold statement, and make the outfit far more exciting, had she of paired it with black jeans. But, no doubt, even then it would definitely still look amazing. I just love the boldness of it. And I LOVE the shoes. I think heels and wedges look fabulous with jeans, a plain shirt and blazers. But, the front strap detailing on these are so pretty.

The second outfit is so casual and girly, but she has made it slight
more edgy with the Leather waistcoat, which I LOVE. It goes so well
with the bright pink cropped jeans. This is the sort of outfit you'd find me in, well maybe if they were full length skinny jeans, but this outfit I just adore.
Love the top bun and sunnies too. 

Lastly, this outfit actually mirrors what I usually wear, as I have very
similar floral shorts just like these. Perfect for everyday wear, and adds a elegant and girly touch to any outfit, whether you pair it with a denim shirt, plain top or a blouse. I love what Jessica has done here, by adding the doc martens and the plain black top, definitely toughens the outfit up a lot more.

Jessica has impeccable style, and I actually look forward to seeing her outfits when she is running errands, love how casual yet glam they are.

What do you think of Jessica Alba's style?

Much Love


  1. Ah I loved looking at these pictures to see what she's wearing. She always seems to look amazing, Wish I looked as good in shorts as her :) x

  2. She always looks fabulous! Love her style too! x

  3. I love her coloured jeans she wears with a simple tee, fabulous! <3

  4. Her first outfit is absolutely amazing! She's gorgeous.