Sunday, 19 August 2012

what i would wear:casual style

As much as I love dressing up in dresses and blazers, there's nothing more I love 
than a casual yet Girly dressed down outfit.This is the type of outfit I'm usually in bar the Nike blazers, because sadly I still haven't got any, though I'm going to buy some soon,
 because I just need them!The outfit is perfect for chilling in or going for coffee, shopping, everything, very street meets girly. I've got so many printed vintage tees, and I just love this coca cola one. Rather than finishing the outfit with a leather jacket I think the denim one gives it a more softer and playful look to it. Of course, added in there is the hairbow as I adore shoving them in my hair, especially on bad hair days! 

The tan Marc Jacobs bag, which by the way is just gorgeous, again adds to the outfit being very cute and not making it too edgy by being black. I think by wearing the 
Crush JBK Revlon spices the outfit up as a whole, and livens it up, 
rather than playing it safe with a blue toned pink lip shade.

I love both pairs of these Nike Blazers. I want them like so bad!
 Anyone want to buy both of them for me? Haha!
Yep I definitely love this outfit!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Much love

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  1. I would totally wear this outfit! Super cute. I am excited to be working with you on the Bowler blogazine. Following your blog now :)