Thursday, 23 August 2012

what i bought | mini beauty and haircare haul


Hey lovelies!
Yesterday I had an appointment for the Media Make Up course I will be starting in the next couple of weeks. I am super excited. Never have I felt more me, and SO happy to be doing what I want to do. It's a great feeling. Anyway, in usual Beki style, I couldn't go home without nipping into Boots and Superdrug. Its a very pink themed haul isn't it? Oh I do love pink!

Browsing round Boots always gets me so confused, I want everything yet I don't know what I want. I was eyeing up the Benefit counter, and then ended up at La Roche-Posay debating whether to get the micellar solution and thermal spa water! Decisions decisions! Anyway, as my hair is in a mess, i thought I'd go for Haircare, and Lee Stafford are doing 3 products for £12! I used to use the Bleach Blonde shampoo and conditioner by him, when I was blonde, and I'm a huge lover of the dry shampoo! The smell of the products is just heaven. I'd heard a lot about the actual hair growth miracle treatment, but I figured i'd get the shampoo and conditioner to try it out, and to see if it actually works! Also, I know, I'm probably ruining my hair even more by purchasing this lightening spray, but it was just a bit of a whim really, it does look really good though!!

On to Superdrug, just pretty standard products. Needed a new bronzer urgently, and just picked this up, along with the blusher. Both in shade one. MUA are really fab. Can't fault them at all. Really great quality, affordable, you can't go wrong really! The moisturiser, was an impulse buy, purely based on the fact it's pink and it's grapefruit. It smells so good! And to be fair I did need a new moisturiser!

I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow to see a friend, which should be fun! 
Going to be doing a big thing, getting closure from a certain area in my life!

Would you like me to do a separate in depth review of any these products? 
Have you tried any of these products?

Much love

if any of you beautiful people reading this, love hip hop and rap, as much as me, please will you check out Mike's blog, for the latest in music releases, mix tapes, everything hip hop related you'll find it there! It's rather fab! But I'm biased ;)


  1. Hey, loving your blog, and the Lee Stafford love! I am a horder of the hair growth treatment, can reccomend this over the shampoo and conditioner, give it a whirl, if nothing else it's a fab deep treatment. :)
    PS. This will sound weird, but I really like your eyebrows, do you do them?

    1. Hey! Aw thank you :) Yeah I was umming and aaahing over the hair growth treatment and heard nothing but great things about it, so definitely going to pick that up to go with the shampoo and conditioner :)Ah, no doesn't sound weird, I take it as a really good compliment! All I use is the rimmel eyebrow pencil, the sleek eyebrow kit and the eylure eyebrow palette, combination of all 3, set it with the wax in the eylure palette and highlight my brow bone. Simple :) xo