Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Avon Mini Haul

I've been wanting to try out the Cracked Nails effect for a while now
and when I saw it for cheap in the Avon book, I bit the bullet,
and ordered some. My first attempt, in the picture above, isn't
at all great or perfect. Another attempt tomorrow!
But, I can't rate this enough. It's such a cool and pretty
effect and adds a touch of quirkyness to you.

You can never own too much blush/bronzer compacts.
I am living proof of that, as the amount I own is quite bad!
But, I like to mix it up a bit, and try out
different brands. My favourite has to my Estee Lauder
blush/bronze compact. But, this Avon one, 
definitely comes in at a close second.
I love face products that highlight and countour your skin,
adds a touch of shimmer. This is just perfect for that!

I use this all the time, and is a trusty staple in my skincare
collection. I saw it was on offer, and as I was running 
low on this product, I ordered some more.
It really is fabulous, and I love anything
skin care related, especially face scrubs.
Pretty much ALL I ever look out for.
But, this is definitely one to recommend. 

I've never tried this product. And, I'm always on
the lookout for hair treatment products, as the
state of my hair is rather, well horrific.
It's dry, and so extremely coarse. Dead
ends everywhere, falling out, and SO thin.
So, I just use any good products I can find,
I'm always on a scavenger hunt.
As, I said I haven't tried this one, but will
definitely give it a whirl and will let
you know my opinion on it.

Rebekah xoxo

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