Monday, 30 January 2012

Glossybox January 2012

This months special edition Glossybox, was all nice and girly and pink, due to it
being Valentines Day themed. I really did love this a lot.
I find the boxes so simple and easy to get into, so kudos to having great boxes!!

I was so pleased to see another Eyeko product in this box, as you know
I just adore Eyeko. I already own this product the Skinny Eyeliner, except in
just your normal average 'Black', so to have this in a Emerald Green, was good, 
as I never really experiment with colours, with eyeliners.
 I stick to black or purple. So, I was definitely pleased with this 
and can't wait to try the green on me!

The Clarins products are something I adore too.
 I already own the Extra Firming Day 
Cream in full size, after trying out a sample a few months ago. 
So I'll probably just give this away 
to a member of my family. But, I do love this product, it renews 
your skin, firming and toning, and regenerating your skin for the day ahead. 
Definitely a life saver! I have already tested the night cream out, but I never
 bought the full size version. I don't
know why, but this does exactly the same as the day cream,
 except recovering  and renewing your complexion!

The FAB (First Aid Beauty) body moisturizer, is a daily treatment which 
has antioxidant boosters infused. It aims to nourish the skin,
 relieve the dryness, and lock in the moisture. Recommended by dermatologists! 
It's travel size, and is handy to just pop into your bag! Whenever your body
 needs hydrating just pop it out of your bag, and voila! :)

The last product featured in this months box, is the MURAD Hybrids
Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy finish!
It is travel size, but again, it's so handy to just put into your 
handbag on nights out. It promises to create a smooth resilient canvas while
minimizing the appearance of pores. It ignites a radiant glow, powered
by light-enhancing minerals. It's a dewy finish, and I really cannot
wait to try out this product!

Also, lastly, with it being Valentines Day edition, it came with
a cute sweet, which I found lovely :)
I really like this months box! 

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