Friday, 27 January 2012

Carmine January Box

I honestly thought it was never going to arrive, but today it finally did. Yay.
I was pretty dubious as to what to expect from this box 
and I was pretty right to be so.

The only two products that are worthwhile are the Eyeko 'Fat Eye' 
stick and the Eldora false eyelashes.

I love Eyeko products, so was really pleased to see a Eyeko product 
in the box, and I am
a avid eyeliner fan, and always looking for new eyeliners.
 This 'fat eye' stick works as both
a liner and a shadow, which aims to create the perfect 
smoky- eye look! Perfect. The texture 
is a soft, creamy, rich and smooth. It's user friendly, and SO easy to apply. 
This is definitely one to buy. The retail price is £10.00.

I ALWAYS struggle when it comes to applying False Eyelashes.
They always seem to out beat me, and I give up, and just
don't wear them. However, when I saw the Eldora False Eyelashes, I thought
'Okay, I'll give them another go' - And, with a lot of determintation I 
managed to make them stay on yay! Seriously, I cannot rate these enough.
They give you such a subtle touch up, you would really know they were false.
And, that's the look I want. Subtle yet extra length and lots of glam. 
Use the code 'eldoracarmine2012' for 50% off the Eldora rage if
you spend 15pounds or more. Expires on the 29th Feb.
Retail price of these lashes are £4.25

The next product featured in the box is the WESTLAB Himalayan Pink Bath Salts
It says that this natural, mineral-rich treasure will transform a 30-minute soak
in the bath into a detox that is equivalent to a 3-day fast! How amazing is that?
I love baths. It's all I have, with the odd shower here and there, when I can be bothered.
But, being able to just, relax and revitalize in the bath is truly magical. I use
cleansing bath milks when I can be bothered, but when I'm in dire need of a detox. 
These salts will be on hand!

The next product is the BALANCE ME Radiance Face Oil.

As you can see it's just a sample. But this face oil, is 100% natural,
and promises to dramatically renew your skin and make you literally glow.
I haven't tested it out yet, but will be sure to when I do my morning cleansing routine.
The full bottle retails at £30. Carmine has given me the code
'CARMINE2012' for 10% off the full size bottle, which will be 27pounds.
My skin needs renewing drastically, so I hope it's good.

The last product in the box is the KORRES Wild Rose 24-hour
Moisturising & Brightening Cream

As you can see, this is also a travel sized product
which I am insanely gutted about, as it
smells so lush. It really does.
The full sized product retails at 19pounds, so I may 
have to purchase it. 
The product promises to brighten and repair your
complexion, and will also pump up the
hydration for a full 24 hours! How fab?

xoxoxox :)

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