Thursday, 26 January 2012

Positive update!

Yesterday was a success, my own personal achievement per se.
I made the most beautifulist ( not a word, I know!) dinner.
Wholegrain Pitta, which are so yum. With Feta, Quorn Burger and salad :)
Yum yum yum!

I then, spent all night on Polyvore. Seriously super distracting,
which is just fab. As, distractions is what I need :) But, I feel good, I do.
I also conjured myself up a homemade hair masque last night, and
slept with it on, and after I showered earlier it feels so shiny and soft!

Today I ventured over to Tesco and bought some stuff for myself...

And, then did some food shopping, and bought so much Noodles! Udon, Rice, Singapore, Egg, Wholewheat! I just love noodles. And, of course, Stir fry stuff, and much more meals and ingredients :)

Happy days, hey?
It's not going to change overnight, but so far so good hey.

Tomorrow I am seeing Clare :)


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