Wednesday, 12 September 2012

happy days | little catch up

It's late I'm drinking coffee, that's a bad combination right there,
but that's just me down to a T. Forever drinking coffee, or any caffeinated 
drink and staying up way too late, and then complaining the next day!

As much as this sounds incredibly cheesy, but life at the moment is amazing I am actually so happy at the moment. Definitely feel the best I have ever felt in a long, long time. Even to just say I'm content is a massive understatement. Everything is just falling into place, things are shifting, amazing opportunities are arising. I've grown so much, and I for one never thought I'd be at this level of happiness in my life. I know I know, sounds so unbelievably cheesy beyond belief, and this has never been me, but I thought you know what, I'm gonna tell you all...

I started my Media Make Up course last week, oh it's so exciting! Of course I was so nervous, but all the excitement rules out the nervousness. Everyone is so incredibly lovely and I've made a bunch of new friends. I just cannot wait to get stuck in now, get my kit and build it up, all the photoshoots and charity fashion shows we are covering, building up my portfolio, creating different looks. I'm also so excited for the trip to Beauty Professional at the ExCel in London in February for 2 nights that we are going on. Exciting stuff. Just looking forward to the future and to where this is going to lead me.
I also got the job I applied for in the Topshop section of Outfit. Ah...clothes and shoe heaven! I started the other day and was eyeing everything up, thinking of the discount. OH I CAN'T WAIT.

Posts coming up on my blog soon include inspired outfit posts, the usual beauty and skincare stuff! I want to try and get more outfit posts in too, so watch out for those, also music I'm thinking of making a separate music blog, though still undecided. We shall see! I'm also blogging over at Bowler Blog which is a 'blogazine' featuring beauty, nails, outfit inspirations, celeb inspired posts. There's a whole team of us, I'm part of the beauty section. You should definitely check it out!

Bit of a jumbled post for you today,
 just thought a nice chat would be lovely, hope you're all okay!
 Do tell me what you would like to see more of!!

Much Love
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  1. It's such a nice feeling to feel content/happy with how life is going! :D Glad to hear everything is going well. Haha I just started a media production course, so nervous for it all!


  2. I can't explain how happy this post makes me. so proud of you girl <3


  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it, new follower :)
    I felt that this year things finally started to fall into place for me too, let's all be happy! :)