Tuesday, 4 September 2012

lee stafford | sun kissed lightening spray

lee stafford

Hey lovelies! I picked this up about 2 weeks ago, after seeing a few people post about it, and lighter hair is definitely up my street. I've had various different hair colours, black, purple, red, bright blonde, ombre, you name it I've had it. I've stayed my current colour for near enough 8 months now, which is unusual for me, as I love to mix it up and change my hair. However, I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to keep on damaging my hair, until I saw this and knew I had to get it. It's £7.99, but I got it when there was 3 for  £12 on Lee Stafford products, not too sure if that is still going on!

So, what is it? Basically just hydrogen peroxide in a bottle, a lovely pink bottle that is. It's a citrus infused gradual lightening spray, which is suitable for all hair shades. You can use the spray in 4 different ways:

- To lighten all over the hair (if you dare!) oh hello I just rhymed ;)
- To do a bit of Ombre DIY
-To highlight hair
- Root touch up

I think this is a great product, for someone who wants to do any of the above to your hair, as it is a fairly easy application, and is SO cheap really.
I have been using it all over, to just give it a bit of lightness to it. So far, I think I have used it about 4 times, and it's so noticeable. I really like it. It's definitely filled the hole that I felt with being bored of my hair, but now it makes me want my blonde hair back again. However, that's a no go, it was JUST so expensive the upkeep and definitely did a lot of damaging.

Lee's top tips on the back of the bottle, suggest you use this on towel dried hair, comb through and then blow dry. I don't adhere to these, as I think different things work for different people, and this way didn't suit me. I usually just spray all over my hair, and then wash it off 15 minutes later. It makes the ends of your hair go so ratty and knotty if you apply using the tips. Find a way that suits you and stick with that I say! The application process is incredibly easy, and pretty self explanatory, the only tip I have is to not use it too often, as it is essentially peroxide, and can be damaging. I use a lot of nourishing and restorative hair masks through out the week, and using moroccan argan oil also helps!

Overall this product is great for mixing things up, having a little change with your hair if you fancy a lighter colour, little or a lot, you can control how much you want, so I like that!

What do you think of this lightening spray? 
Will you be picking this up?

Much love


  1. This sounds amazing! I am so tempted to try it. Is your hair coloured? My hair is naturally brown but coloured a different shade of brown so I wondered if this is okay to use on coloured hair?! :) x

    1. Yeah my hair is coloured, my hair is naturally brown too but different shade! Definitely think it's okay to use on coloured hair :) xo

    2. Yay okay! I think I will definitely get it tomorrow then! Thank you :) What kind of shade has it made your hair go? I don't want my hair to go brassy at all! Do you think if my hair went a funny colour, if I stopped using it would it go? x

    3. Yes, definitely get it! Hopefully boots are still doing that offer, so you could 2 other bits up :) It's just made it look highlighted really, subtle but you can definitely tell, Maybe, if I use a few more spritzes it will become even more lighter. Mines not gone brassy at all, and If that were to happy I would imagine it would fade over time, but I don't think it would go a funny colour :) xo

  2. I see we are both MUA's from Manchester. :)

    This spray does ound really good if you want to lighten your hair, would work well if you wanted some natural lighter shades in brown hair.

    1. Ahhh yes, though I'm only training at the moment! :)

      Yeah exactly, that's what I'm loving it for, rather than forking out money for the salon, just easier to spray in your hair :) xo

  3. Sounds pretty great! Thanks for the wonderful review! Do you think it would be good for roots? Like regrowth after dying hair?
    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  4. Ooh, wow this sounds so great - if I wasn't so scared to mess with the colour of my hair I would buy it hehe <3

  5. Shopping addict ;)
    Proud of you angel <3

  6. Sounds like a lovely product !
    x Manon

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  7. I have a few Lee Stafford products, although I haven't used this I love the ones I have :)

    Tanesha x

  8. Great, I really love Lee stafford products.

    - Keyta x

  9. I've never used this product but it looks promising. I'd love it if you could check out my blog, it'd mean a lot.

    Xaimarys ♡

  10. This reminds me of a product called Sun In that I used to use!!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Enjoy your Sunday xoxo

  11. I also had a not good experience with Sun In and now use a natural product, which so far seems ok, it is organic and natural.


    Mark (Blondie)