Monday, 10 September 2012

my hair history

I've seen this post circulate around different blogs for a while now and have been keen to do my own, though I know I'll end up depressing myself by looking at my old beautiful long locks and equally embarassing hair photo's. I'm 19 now and I have been dying and getting my hair coloured since I started high school. I remember going into Superdrug or Boots after school or on weekends and buying those Wella hair sachets, does anybody remember those? Only wash in wash out, but they were SO much fun! Or those coloured hair sprays too, used to buy them all the time when I was about 11 or 12. 

Up til I was about 5 or 6 my hair was a dirty blonde colour, 
and then it naturally just grew out and was a mousey brown colour. 
I'm on the left of this picture, and I think I was about 4 so as you can see my hair is quite blondeish and this was how it was til I was about 6, where it eventually grew out to this...

I would have much prefered my hair to stay the blonde shade! My hair stayed this brown til I eventually started to dye my hair. In between, I've had various different cuts, growing up it was always really long, though sometimes it did go into a bob. Oh how I hated having a bob, and a full fringe. Ugh.

My hair til I was about 14 was brown, long and pretty manageable like this...

And, then I decided to go blonde for the first time...
This has to be one of the MOST embarassing and cringey photo of me EVER.
Seriously what on earth was I thinking?! As you can see, the blonde didn't take. I stayed a gingery colour for quite a while, til I went back dark...

The colour above is actually black and oh my god, it was horrible. It washed me out SO much. I hated it. I didn't stay black for long til I went back to my natural colour...

I stayed with this colour for quite a while, and then I added a bit of purple in, though it's not really easy to see...

A year later I decided to go blonde again. OH GOD.
But I actually loved this blonde, I wanted to stay blonde for ever.

But, unfortunately for me, I got a part time job in a hairdressers
and they weren't keen on my blonde brassy hair, so they did it for me...

I started wearing extensions because my hair was short at this time, due to so much damage from bleach, and having it cut. I then decided to go darker...

I stopped wearing my extentions, and put purple in my hair again...

A few months later I put blonde BACK into my hair...

I had the blonde in my hair for a few months, and now I've been brown again since, and it's growing again! YAY. Seriously, don't dye your hair, it'll ruin it.

I now wear it up a lot in top buns!

Lastly, my natural curlyness and it's growing. YAY.

Such an embarrassing post, and I've missed out SO many hairstyles etc, but thought I'd share myself the cringeyness I'd endure! I just want my hair to hurry up and grow now and go back to being long, it's so sad, I miss it! My hair feels so much healthier as well too at the moment, since using the Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo and conditioner. Ah long hair, I WANT YOU!

Do you have any embarrassing hair histories?
 Link them below if you do, I love reading them! 

Much Love


  1. Really interesting, I like the 'brassy' blonde look on you, but it looks gorge at the moment :)

  2. Wow you look nice with long blonde hair!

  3. I actually really liked your hair in nearly every colour! But it think now it looks the nicest! <3 I am fourteen and I started dying my hair like two years ago and I soooo wish I didnt :/ My hair is so dry and ruined now!
    Sofia x

    1. Thank you so much chick! Yeah, dying your hair isn't fab, if possible always go to a salon, but sometimes it's just so pricey and you want it quick and to do it yourself! Definitely buy some restorative hair masks to replenish your hair back to health! xo

  4. You suit every hair colour, I swear! I really liked the brassy blonde too, can't believe they made you get rid of it!

    1. Aw thank you lovely! I know, I was so gutted :( xo

  5. i really want to go blonde, the craziest ive ever gone were some subtle hightlights, so im terrified! especially as you say it will ruin your hair. im in 2 minds, but ive been thinking it for about 3 months now.... hmmm what to do.
    everyone has bad hair at some stage in their life, you shouldnt be embarrassed of the post hun :) xx

    1. You should so do it, even if you get highlights or ombre! I know what you mean about being in 2 minds, though when I get in the mind I want to change my hair I usually just go for it! Thank you :) xo

  6. LOVE the girls beautiful.
    Must see you soon <3

  7. in all those nicely:)))

  8. I like the short hair with blonde in the ends !!!
    I'm a new follower btw, Elisa nice to meet you.