Saturday, 13 October 2012

topshop | wishlist

Working at OUTFIT definitely has a lot of advantages. Being surrounded by lots of amazing clothes daily, is pretty amazing, however I seem to be spending and spending, but I just can't help myself. Topshop is definitely my downfall at work, and these are just a small selection on items I've had my eye on for a while! Currently waiting for payday before I can actually splurge on these.
I love the Camo jacket, this is just the plain one that is £48, however I also like the studded one which is £58. I just don't know which one I prefer. I'm fully loving the Camo trend, which has been all over everywhere recently, every brand on the high street has their own version of the military jacket, and everyone I have seen I have pretty much fell in love with. There's some right nice ones on Missguided too, as well as THAT Zara jacket dupe.
Leather skirts. Oh how I love thee. Seriously, I've seen so many people trying these on in the fitting rooms, and It's just made me want these even more. The fit is just perfect, it's so effortlessly chic, and would look SO nice with a collared blouse or even a slouchy tee. I love the gold detailing zips on the front too.
Studs are everywhere. And this cardigan is nice and snug and cosey and studded. I just love it.
 I think it's perfect to wear anywhere. Definitely toughens up your average knitted black cardigan!
This floral tee is so pretty, and I can see myself pairing it with these MIGHTY boots (yes that's what they're called!) been after the boots for a long time, and they would look fab with jeans, or even the leather skirt.
Skater dresses are just my type of dress. The fitting of them are so generous and so flattering, and I think they're perfect with a biker jacket, and chelsea boots. Definitely a winter staple with the burgundy colour and print.
More studs. More collars. Just love these simple tshirts and how they can just be livened up with collars and studs, perfect casual or glammed up.
A proper winter coat is on my wishlist, because let's be serious a leather biker is never going to keep me warm, and if it's going to be any colder than what it is already, then this coat is going to be a massive investment. Plus, it's super pretty. The fur collar is so so nice, and I just want this now.
Acid bleach washed jeans are the best kind of jeans. I love them. I love these. I need them. I really do. They would look great with converse, a tee and a biker jacket. I'm trying to convice myself that yes, I do need all of these. Because, I do. And I will. Oh payday, please, hurry on by.
I could easily have everything at the moment in store. A/W collections are the best collections, so many knitted jumpers, so many beautiful dresses.
What are your favourite picks this months from the high street?
Have you any of the stuff listed above?
Much Love


  1. I love this post!

    I've also been loving those acid bleach washed jeans, they're just so beautiful. I've seen so many people wearing them and love how you can style them differently! X

  2. I have that camouflage jacket! Love it x

  3. This makes me want to shop so much!
    Erica xo Don't forget my vintage giveaway!

  4. Really adore the print on that dress & cardigan!xo

  5. I haven't bought anything from topshop yet but there is only one store in Istanbul that I know of and I hadn't really had much time to actually look at everything. I should make time like.. now :D

  6. I've been considering whether to buy this coat for a while, I had it in a wishlist post too as it was so lovely. I'm just not sure about the clasps! I have the boots and can confirm they're pretty painful on your feet!xxx