Tuesday, 23 October 2012

bioderma crealine h20

Bioderma Crealine H20 is one of the most hyped up products in the beauty world, and all over the blogosphere, and quite right it should be, because this product is truly amazing and lives up to all the hype surrounding it.Micellar and water based cleansers are extremely popular right now, with many more brands markerting their own version of the Bioderma, such as the No7 Cleansing Water.
Bioderma makes the boring task of taking off your make up, so much more easier and effortless, which is what I love about this! As much as I like deep cleansing, for days when you have lots of eye make up on, or for when you really can't be bothered, this product truly is a god send. With this, I only have to use around 3-4 cotton pads, sometimes less! The product just instantly dissolves my make up, eye make up too, without smearing it all over my face, as well as it not stinging or being sensitive! I just love this because I wear a lot of eye make up, and it is perfect for removing it in one cotton pad! After using the Bioderma, I'll usually follow up with a more of a deep cleanser, especially if I've worn a bit more make up, and then carry on with my usual evening skincare routine, however most days when I'm feeling lazy (which is a lot!), I'll just use the bioderma and skip the deep cleanser, and then carry on with moisturiser.

As you probably all know, getting hold of a bottle of this good stuff, is difficult, as it isn't stocked over here in England, with it being a French product, it's mainly stocked in French Pharmacies, so buying it off a truster seller off Ebay is your best bet, which is where I purchased mine for just £12.95. However, they have now started stocking it in the new impressive Beauty Mart in Harvey Nichols in London. So, for all you londoners, you can get your mitts on it there!
Definitely think they should bring the beauty mart to Harvey Nichols in Manchester please...It looks AMAZING. I am definitley going to be stocking up when I go to London soon! But, until then I shall be using Ebay. Which reminds me I need to purchase some more! I just love this SO much. I've even been taking it in to college for when we've been doing different make up looks, and everyone seems to love it on my course, and now they're all out purchasing too!

Well, it seems everyone is on board with this little gem, so have you tried this before? There's different Bioderma products I'm wanting to try too, such as the Bioderma Sebium to see how that differs, as well as their moisturisers and treatments! Has anyone tried any from the Sebium range?

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  1. It sounds like a great product from all the reviews I've read. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to removing makeup, so an easy product like this would be amazing for me.

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