Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A week without blogging?!

It feels like forever since I last posted, when really it's been just over a week. Still though, that's way too long, and I've had LOTS to blog about, no writers block(bloggers block?!) if that's what you're thinking. Just my laptop. The silly thing decided it didn't want to turn on for a few days, despite being on charge. Very annoying! And, with no posts scheduled, and the blogger app on the iPhone being the way it is (incredibly shit if you want to know!) I couldn't post :( I think I need a MacBook as soon as possible. Anyway, I haven't done a little Instagram update post in a while...
nothing like a early morning sugar fix, creating daywear looks, before work, shoes ft make up brushes drying, outfit sort of, making a butterfly moodboard, my mum and her nelly shoes and gorgeous legs, mum and me, glittery eyes me, legs ft pepsi max, energy fix ft fave read, make up goodies, selfie, animal print body art, being vain at work,  my nelly shoes finally arrived, oh hello pretty diet coke can, must stop spending money, bioderma yay, creating evening wear looks.

I've been so busy with work and college and more work all on very little sleep, really don't know how I manage it to be honest. Really loving both work and college though, everything's still fabulous. As if it's October though, everything is just going too quick, not sure whether that's a good thing though! Now, I must try to sleep, work tomorrow and then I can relax and enjoy my day off on Wednesday. YAY.  More like, WednesYAY.
 Seriously. I should just be quiet now and sleep.

Hope you're all fab!
Much Love

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  1. Awe welcome back, so sorry you've been having such a hectic time! Hopefully you catch some good rest soon and school doesn't load you with homework!!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella