Saturday, 11 August 2012

sun and cupcakes

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 Hey lovelies!
How beautiful is the weather?! Wow Summer, at last, maybe?
It's been far too hot for me to even know what to wear,
even in the outfit above I was too hot!
Just a Topshop and Miss Selfridge ensemble 
I forgot all about this dress from Topshop, then searching
high and low for a dress in my room, I rediscovered it!
And, of course, my trusty denim shirt jacket. Always
a go to these days.

My bag is from New Look, about two years old! 
It seems with bags, I just acquire them in a 
tan or brown colour! I need to liven it
up a bit in the bag department.
Shoes, good old studded flats.
Bit of a lazy summer outfit for me, but perfect
for hot, relaxing days I think!

With gorgeous weather comes BBQS,
and that's exactly what we did today at my
auntie's! Being a vegetarian at a BBQ can be
well, um awkward sometimes! But, a bit
of quorn bbq'd 'chicken' is always good!

My auntie is on a bit of a baking mission at the moment,
baking lots of batches of fairycakes and cupcakes,
and my they LOOK and taste delicious!

How amazing do they look?
Mmm yum!

Anyway, I shall be posting some reviews in the next
few days, one I can't wait to blog about actually :)!

Hope you're enjoying the sun & having a fab weekend.
Much love


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