Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Herve Leger Femme

I'm a sucker for perfumes in pretty bottles, and I absoloutley love this fragrance by Herve Leger created exclusively for Avon. As always, there's gifts for me at my Nana's, she knows what I like! I've been wanting this, as I kept lingering on the page in the brochure.
The scent reminds me of Chanel no.5, which just reminds me of my Mum, definitely one that has memories. I love fragrances that can take you back to places. It's a fresh, floral scent with honeyed woods. Definitely feminine and a classy scent. This for me would be an evening perfume! I love the bottle too, again it reminds me of Chanel! I love the clear and the glass. Just such a pretty bottle.

It also came with a shower gel and body lotion. I never really use the shower gels that come in perfume collections, but I do use the body lotions, more so after showering. More to add to my collection. Both are of course scented with the fragrance, mmm so nice!

I really love this, and it may just become my signature evening/nighttime fragrance!
It's definitely for you if you are into your floral and feminine scents!

If you know anyone who does Avon, you should definitely
 give this a smell, as they have a scented page in the brochure!

What is your favourite perfume?
Ever tried any from Avon?

Much love

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