Sunday, 12 August 2012

avon advance techniques moroccan argan oil


Wow the full title is a bit of a mouthful isn't it?!
Hair oils seem to have taken the world by storm recently, and I've obviously bought into it. Anything that will make my incredibly damaged hair seem healthier, or atleast make it look it, I'm like a magpie. I have to try it! I've tried various different hair oils, different morroccan and argan types, different brands. They do work for what you want, whilst it doesn't do anything for your hair in the long run, with the silicones just pretty much just coating your hair. I think, for someone, like myself with damaged hair, and wanting a super quick fix these oils are great for that!
With the other products I tried, such as vo5 miracle oil, loreal mythic oil, I found my hair getting used to it. I think you definitely have to use it sparingly, and not just pour a litre of it onto your hair, with the hope that it'll magically transform your hair.

I use this product after I've washed my hair, sometimes before I wash it. I think it works the same either way, no difference really. My hair does feel better, as prior to using it it was in horrible condition, so I've definitely noticed the difference from the first use. Though, that's pretty the same for all hair oils, fast results.
They also have a shampoo and condition in this morroccan argan oil range, which looks interesting and I think I'm going to give it a try, may e using the full kit might be better for my hair?!

I definitely think if you do have damaged hair, don't rely on hair oils,or masks, leave in treatments to restore it back to healthy hair. Whilst they will help, you should definitely have a good shampoo and conditioning routine set in place, visit your hair salon for regular hair trims, and most importantly don't pull your hair, and dye it yourself. If there's anything I could tell my former self, it would be, don't buy that bleach, and for goodness sake stop pulling your hair! My hair used to be long, so long, luscious and so healthy. Ah, how I miss those days! Now, it's just extensions and top buns til it's super long again!

You can find these at or from your nearest Avon representative!
Have you tried this? Or any specific hair oils you like?

Much love

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