Sunday, 1 April 2012

My week and a bit.

1. Driving to my appointment and a Starbucks! 2. RedBull!
3. Prestbury. 4. Bath time accompanied by M.I.A

5. Malibu and Lemonade! 
6. Aunties new house, love her living room decor.
7. My faves. 8. Fruit. Nomnom

9. Perving over Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in TVD.
10. Me and the bestest, myself looking slightly worse for wear.
11. Driving in the sun!
12. Late night car drives with Jordz

13. PepsiiiiiiMaxxxxxx 14. Blue skies
15. Short shorts 16. Car, again with Jordan.

17. Sunshine
18. Pale legs
19. 3am drives around Manchester
20. Wholewheat noodles w/ stir fried veg!

21. Jordan's mums Beauty salon
22. Got my nails done ;)
23. Pepsiiiiiwoooo
24. In Jordan's suitcase. Haha!

I've been so busy this week, out almost every night with Jordan and everyone. Just going for drinks, then chilling, relaxing. Had a fab week. Barely took any photos! I'm rather sad now though, Jordan's just boarding a flight to Cape Town for 10 days :( She just rang me from Heathrow! Will miss her!

Been such lazy day today.
I've barely slept in the past week, like 
seriously not good, but Sunday = relaxing day!
Also, loving working out. Seriously I can feel myself getting toned up, I love it. I'm not after losing weight, cause I don't need to, 
just toning up and just generally getting fitter.

Oh, and to all you lot seeing Drake at the MEN tonight, I hate you all. Completely devastated I didn't get tickets. Though, me and Jordan are going to try and get wireless tickets!

Wishing the sun will make an appearance this week too. 
That would be fabulous.

Hope you've all had a great weekend!
Much love


  1. Looks like you had a fun week, and your shoes are so so cute! xx

  2. Funny photos and funny week! And you're definitely a real caffeine addict :P .

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