Sunday, 11 March 2012


So I decide to showcase my week via instagram when I've had such a mediocre and well, dull week! Sorry guys! I've had instagram for about a year now, if you have it, follow me 'bekixx' oh and also, sorry if you've seen these snaps before on some of my posts, I'm going to stop posting them & just do a round up at the end of the week, and I've found my camera now as well, do all is fab fab fab :)

1.Buying magazines as usual, love Glamour and love the Percy and Reed hair mask I got free! 2. Me and Jordan in the pub. 3. Jordan, oh such a babe. 4. Me being a poser in the bathroom toilets(typical!)

5. Armed with my favourite thing, Pepsi max! 
6. Oh look, posing in zee mirror! 
7. Mmmmm M&S superfood salad. 8. Coffee and feet.

8. More magazines and bits&bobs! 9 & 10. Memememe. 11. T u n a

12. Pepsi maxxxx. 13. Shorts!
14. Graze. 15. Denim & skirt!

16. Random field whilst waiting for my brother! 
17. Just 1/3 of my books n shizz! 
18. LOVE this drink. 19. Cookies!

20. ~me~ 21. Veggie stir fry. All I ever eat(all I can cook) 
22. Moi. 23. Baby Blake! N'aww!

And... Went to Tescos earlier and bought these :) typical me!

Went to bed dreaming of shoes!Oh god!
I'm just going over what new foundation I want too! Chanel Perfection Lumiere, Vitalumiere or Estée Lauder invisible fluid or double wear! 
I've tried them all, and I can't pick!
Oh oh oh, and I think I'm going to buy some studs and DIY my jacket & shirt this week, as well as possibly purchasing the Missguided cat pumps! And, and, and...I'm getting rid of the blonde this week, for sure! All one colour I'm after now! Lighter or darker though? Hmmm!

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!

Rebekah xoxo

Rubbish post this evening! Sorryyyyy!