Saturday, 10 March 2012

V05 Miracle Concentrate

After reading countless reviews on various blogs about this product I had to go out and buy it! My hair is so incredibly damaged, partly due to the fact I'm always dying it which doesn't do it the world of good, but seems like the best idea at the time right?

Okay, so this product contains Argan oil which is a Morrocan oil! Which is amazing and so so good for you hair! Oil is great for your hair anyway, before I bought this I was forever making homemade oil based hair masks! Though, never gave me such amazing results like this product!

So what does it say on the bottle? 'Intensively condition & help 
repair dry,damaged or frizzy hair
Adds radiant shine!
Helps reduce damaged caused by blow drying!
Restorative power of an Elixir in its most potent form'

Yep I agree with all of that!
I may only have been using it a
 few days, but the results are so fast
 and, I used it the day I got it and ever after 
one use of running the oil through my 
hair with my fingers made my hair so unbelievably soft - 
it hasn't felt this soft and healthy
 in such a long time! And, it smells so good too! I also
 really love the cute bottle and the 
pink pipette which dispenses the oil out 
which I think is so fab, as it
 allows you to choose how much you
 want rather than lathering 
it all over your head, unaware!

For only £4.99 it's a bargain, and I'm so glad 
I bought it! I think I've found 
my holy grail product! Yes, I'm definitely 
buying it again when this is all used up!

Photo quality is rubbish but my hair just looks so shiny 
and smooth and, ah I honestly cannot stop
 running my fingers through it!

If you're having hair troubles I seriously suggest you buy this!
I got mine from Tesco but you can get it from anywhere really Boots, Superdrug :)


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