Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hey! Just a quick post
Outfit today! A mixture of
Topshop, AA & Primark :)

Today on my playlist,
I've been pressing replay
on Arctic Monkeys new song
'R U Mine?' - which you should all
go and take a listen to! It's a mix
between their Humbug album and FWN album.
 I personally love it. Love!
And, Alex and Matt are looking hot
in the video, as usual. Anyway, alongside this I've been playing Azealia Banks especially her song 212! She's so cute, and this track is just so catchy and dancy! And, well, you know I love Ryan Gosling, and I love the film Drive, but the soundtrack is something else! Desire 'Under your spell' & Kavinsky 'Nightcall' are just incredible. These are just the songs I've had on repeat today! :)

Tried out Estée Lauder invisible fluid today. 
I now need to purchase this now.
 It's an amazing product!
Also rediscovered my love for Lancome 
juicy tubes lipgloss!

Tonight, think I'm going
out for a drink with a friend
who I haven't seen in a long,
long time!

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