Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hello March! Here comes a new month, 

a new season is upon is, I've got a spring in my step!
Let's hope this month brings great times and chnge.
It's been such a lovely day today!
Actually being able to spend time in the back 
garden is lovely, thanks sun!
Sun makes everyone happy, happy happy! :)

2 months til my birthday.
I always say that when it gets
to March, just keep on counting down, I say two months, 
but just over really! End of May baby!

Okay, so, who's freaking excited
about the Harrod's Glossybox this month?!?! I am!!!! :)
A m a z i n g!!!!

Lots to blog about, will do over
the weekend, but this will do for now!



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