Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

This quote is attributed to Dr. Robert Schuller. It has stuck and the quote both annoys and challenges me.

What would I do? Now there is a question. I think naturally, being the person I am, I'd attempt to heal the world, there would be no dramas, no issues, we'd be all at peace. Third world countries wouldn't be starving, they wouldn't be dying. The wars would have stopped. Our troops would only be in our country, just for physical training, but no more fighting. 

I'd attempt to find a cure for Cancer and every other known terminal illnesses.
Alongside this, I'd also march into 10 downing street to rant about our shambles of a country, and with not being to fail, that would happen.

Something, on a personal level now though is, well I'd move down to London or NYC in a heartbeat to try and make it into the fashion business.  Modelling/ Styling/ Writing / PR.
YES PLEASE. That would be totally awesome. That would be my top dream right there.

However, Psychology and Mental Health and Philosophy has recently been rekindled for them, so, honestly, I actually have no ideas what so ever, what I am going to do.

And lastly, which IS going to happen, as well there is no question about it but, one day I'd attempt to recover from my Eating Disorder, and I couldn't fail from it ha.

“You cannot truly know someone until you can know their pain as well as their love.”

If you truly care for someone Rebekah care for all parts of them. Care for the things they love about themselves and for the things they don’t. It’s the only way you will get to know who they really are. To truly care for someone is to care for every part of what makes them who they are. To only care for the part of them you like is to only care for one part of yourself Rebekah. If you want to truly know someone, you have to truly care for all parts of them.

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