Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18th May 1980- The suicide of Ian Curtis

The loss of a great musician. Twenty three was such a young age. Never have, nor shall, I witnessed such words beautifully devised and placed in a perfect way from a mind so complex. Your epilepsy. Your depression. Your mind. Your perspective. Your love. Cliche to say, but you have changed my life.  Thirty one years today but still your music lives on. And, I honestly think It always will. 

I remember growing up My Grandad would talk about you/your music. As he was friends with Peter Hook from Joy Division, and from a very early age I was hooked on Joy Division. 

I always wish I was alive during the 70's just so that I could have met the great musician, that is Ian. It would have been the best thing ever. It's times like these when I wish my Grandad didn't die last year. Nobody else in my family loves Joy Division and Ian Curtis as much as me. This post is going off track now, but yes. Ian Curtis. 
Rest in Peace. You're simply amazing.

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