Sunday, 28 October 2012

instagram catch up

selfie at work, RT brushes yay, lunch, getting ready, all ready, ella and me, shoes work outfit, being vain in bed, new vampire diaries, selfie (again), posing before work, brother's birthday, bought some bits from work, jewelery from work yay, mirror pic oops, work outfit, me again, relaxing in jordan's mum's salon, the best wrap, hi face, trying on clothes at work, new stuff YAY, messy hair, inStyle with benefit freebie.
I haven't done an Instagram update in a while (oops!) It's apparent though, from this post that I definitely do take too many photo's of myself.I've had a good few weeks though, tiring but decent. Work is exhausting but fun, so it's not all bad! Had a week off college and back tomorrow! I ended up buying NEARLY all the stuff I wanted from work, yay to Topshop goodies and finally got myself some Nike Blazers, I love them so much.I stayed at Jordan's this weekend, I love that she comes home from Uni every weekend!
I'm recreating the Black Swan make up look on Wednesday for a girl from work, which I'm excited about! Time to start getting my portfolio up and going.
OH AND... I booked tickets to see Kendrick Lamar in January
Hell yes. I cannot wait. Everyone should go listen to him, 'cause he's amazing.
I now need to somehow try and sleep. Oh 6am alarms how I love you.
Hope you've all had a fab weekend.
Much Love


  1. so many beautiful photos! you're so pretty :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. i have the top you tried on at work!
    you're so lucky to have a job at topshop; if i worked there i'd never have any pennies, i'd spend them as quickly as i earned them.
    i love your blog. i've just started following and right after this comment i'm going to go right back to the start of your blog and catch myself up, i've only had a quick scroll through so far.
    please pop over and say hello, you seem so lovely so it'd be really nice to chat properly.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura x

  3. Love these pictures - especially the nike blazers! xx

  4. Love all your photos in Instagram! Will follow you :)

    Also, I followed you here!! ♥

    The Misty Mom

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  6. I love seeing what you've been up to :) Always read your blog so I included you in my post here :) xo

  7. come back to us becki :( i'm forcing you to do a guest post on my blog :P